Teacher Bai Xintong’s Inflowing Underwear Novels

The encounter between Bai Xintong and sexy underwear

Bai Xintong is a 40 -year -old middle school Chinese teacher. She has a bland life, but enjoys the feeling of wearing sexy underwear.She said it made her feel more confident and more feminine.Bai Xintong has a pooling type of sexy underwear. Let’s introduce the common sexy lingerie styles below.

Fun underwear style one: lace style

Lace is one of the representative elements of the sexy underwear industry because it can make you look more sexy.At the same time, its soft texture is very comfortable and will not sting the skin.Whether it is shorts or vests, lace styles are loved by women.

Fun underwear style two: stockings beautiful legs

Wearing a pair of stockings will undoubtedly make your legs more slender and beautiful.The feel is soft and comfortable, and there are many different patterns to choose from, such as wave dot, leopard, stripes, etc.You can choose a variety of types of high waist, low waist, pantyhose and other types.

Fun underwear style three: three -point set set

The three -point set is one of the most representative sexy lingerie styles. It includes bras, T -shaped pants, and extremely short tulle jackets.It highlights the curve of the chest and hips, making you look more sexy and charming.If your body is good, try this style.

Fun underwear style four: leather costume

Some people like a strong breath and more passionate sexy lingerie styles, so this is an excellent choice.Leather underwear can make you look very challenging and all, and at the same time, it is also durable and comfortable.If you are a bold woman, try bravely.

Fun underwear style five: chest stickers

The chest paste is a kind of underwear attached to the chest, which can highlight the chest shape and make your figure more curve.It can be worn on ordinary occasions and can be used as sexy underwear.If you want to create a charming S -shaped figure, don’t miss the chest sticker.

How to match sexy underwear

Women with good taste will not only choose good -looking sexy underwear, but also be good at matching various styles to make themselves more charming.For example, you can choose to see the sexy lingerie with stockings to create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere.You can also choose a loose long sexy underwear, with high -heeled sandals or boots to create a stylish and sexy catwalk style.


When wearing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.In general, the cleaning time of the underwear should not exceed 3 days, and the underwear is best replaced every day.Furthermore, sexy underwear cannot be washed with ordinary shirts and underwear. Washing and drying alone to avoid damage to underwear.


Different people have different aesthetics, and their preferences for sexy underwear are different.However, wearing sex underwear is a way to express self, a way to make you more confident and feminine.I hope everyone can find a sexy underwear that suits them and be a confident and beautiful woman.

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