Taobao uploaded into sexual underwear steps

Introduction: Taobao adult sex lingerie sales

With the development of society, adults’ sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular with young people, and Taobao, as one of China’s largest e -commerce platforms, is no exception.Many sellers choose to sell adult sexy underwear on Taobao. This article will share how to upload them into a step of sexy underwear to Taobao.

Buy the right adult erotic lingerie

First of all, it is important to choose the appropriate adult sexy underwear because it is closely related to the subsequent upload process.It is recommended to choose a novel style, excellent texture, and high cost -effective underwear.In addition, you should also pay attention to the product style that is consistent with your own shop.

Take the adult erotic underwear picture

Before uploading adult erotic underwear, you need to take product pictures. It is recommended to choose a white background to make the product pictures look clearer and brighter, and you need to take multiple pictures to allow customers to understand the product more comprehensive.

Edit adult erotic underwear pictures

After taking photos to complete the sexy underwear, you need to use the picture to beautify the software to simply edit and modify the photos. For example, you can edit, zoom in, adjust the brightness and other operations to make the product pictures more beautiful.

Write adult sexy lingerie description

The description of adult sex lingerie is also very important. It allows customers to better understand the characteristics and uses of underwear.Therefore, we need to write underwear descriptions carefully, including important information such as styles, size, material, maintenance, and even some interesting stories or products of the product.

Fill in the basic information of uploading into sexy underwear

The basic information that the products need to be filled in on Taobao include product names, prices, inventory, freight, distribution methods, etc.It is very important to fill in these basic information and accurate. They can let customers understand the goods more comprehensively and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Choose a classification information for uploading into sexy underwear

It is also very important to choose a classification information suitable for adult erotic underwear. Classification information not only helps customers find goods that are interested in quickly, but also one of the important factors for Taobao search rankings. Therefore, you need to carefully select the classification information.

Upload adult sexy underwear pictures and descriptions

When uploading adult erotic underwear, you need to upload the previously taken, modified and written pictures and descriptions to the Taobao platform.It should be noted that Taobao stipulates that adult supplies including sexy underwear must be added with watermarks to prevent unauthorized stealing maps.

Determine the sales method of adult sex lingerie

Selling adult sexy underwear on Taobao can choose a variety of methods such as retail, wholesale, customization, and sellers need to choose the appropriate sales method according to their operating conditions and customer needs to better promote sales.

Payment margin and publish adult erotic underwear

After the above steps are completed, you need to pay a certain amount of deposit to publish the adult erotic underwear. The amount of the security deposit depends on the sales method selected by the seller and the selected freight.Pay it after payment, wait for the customer to place an order to buy.

Conclusion: Standardize the process of uploading adult sexy underwear processes

Through the above steps, the seller can quickly and standardize it into a sexy underwear to the Taobao platform to better serve the majority of customers.At the same time, it is hoped that sellers can comply with the requirements and laws and regulations of Taobao platforms, do their own business behavior, and strive to promote the healthy development of the adult’s sexy underwear industry.

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