Taobao sex underwear takes light map


In recent years, Taobao has become one of the popular choices for shopping enthusiasts, and the sexy underwear on Taobao has also become popular.However, sometimes we encounter some problems during the shopping process, such as glowing and inconsistent size.This article will provide you with some useful suggestions, hoping to help you.

size selection

When buying sexy underwear, the size is one of the most critical issues.Therefore, it is important to choose the right size.Through Taobao, we can find the required size table and choose according to our own situation.


When choosing a sexy lingerie style, we should consider our own shape and choose the style that suits us.The favorite style is not necessarily suitable for ourselves, so we should choose according to our body.For example, high waist styles can effectively hide obese waist and modify body figure.

Fabric quality

The choice of fabrics has a great impact on sexy underwear.The quality of the fabric is very important for sexy underwear.We can buy according to the fabric materials and ingredients provided in product details to avoid too thin or poor quality materials.

Brand selection

There are many popular sexy underwear brands on Taobao.How to choose a good -quality brand?It is recommended that you choose the brand through search, evaluation and other information.For example: choosing a highly praised sexy underwear brand is more reliable.

the way of buying

On Taobao, we can buy sexy underwear through different channels, such as buying directly, contacting the seller to modify the price after shooting, the purchase of a store member, and so on.Among them, becoming a store member can enjoy a lot of discounts and special treatment. It is recommended that you consider this method.

Go out of light

The effect of sexy underwear is very good, but walking light is the most worried issue for many women.It is critical to choose a suitable, comfortable sexy underwear.At the same time, we can also wear some colorful underwear to avoid lighting.

Washing and maintenance

Interest underwear is a high -challenge clothes, which has high requirements for washing and maintenance.For the delicate and sexy underwear with the fabric, it is recommended to use hand washing or dry cleaning to keep underwear for a long time.

After -sales service

During shopping, after -sales service is also a very important part.Because there are many goods in Taobao and the technical content is uneven, we may encounter product quality problems, cargo distribution problems, and so on.Therefore, we need to pay attention to information such as the seller’s after -sales service guarantee and its difference.

Recommend a few sexy sheets

Here are a few popular sexy underwear. They are very popular on Taobao:

Sexy lace underwear suit

Black explosion red lips sexy underwear

Type T -shaped steel circle sexy underwear

Retro hazy and cute underwear

For reference shops

Here are several Taobao shops. The sexy underwear they sell is high:

Meimei House

Holiday girl

Red Cat Heartpower



When buying sexy underwear, pay attention to many factors such as size, style, fabric, brand, purchase channels, and after -sales service.Through Taobao, we can easily and quickly look for mergers and acquisitions to buy sexy underwear suitable for their sexuality!

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