Taobao sex underwear, rectification


Taobao, as one of the largest domestic e -commerce platforms, covers various products, including sexy underwear.However, in recent years, the content involved in sexy underwear has continued to emerge, covering more and more widely, making the underwear category inadequate clear, making it difficult for users to choose and making it difficult for sellers to find high -quality sales channels.Therefore, Taobao has rectified sex underwear.

Information review

Taobao’s information on sexy underwear is stricter, and it is forbidden to sell products that require retail licenses and products with too small size.In addition, all products need to be tested by circular regulations to meet safety quality standards.This can screen out high -quality products and improve users’ purchase experience.

Refinement category

Interest underwear is a wide range of categories, including adult products of various styles.In order to make users more conveniently screening and purchasing products, Taobao detailed the sex lingerie category, and included SM sex, sexy underwear, and adult products, respectively.This allows users to quickly find the products they need, save time and energy.

Distinguish between gender

In addition, Taobao has further distinguished the sex of men and women in sex underwear after rectification.This not only makes users more conveniently find a product that suits them, but also improves marketing efficiency, allowing sellers to better locate the target population and increase sales.

Exclude duplication

In the rectification of sex underwear categories, Taobao also conducted verification and screening of content to avoid chaos caused by repeated content.Taobao will eliminate duplicate products and content by manually reviewing and big data screening to ensure the uniqueness and innovation of the content.


As a special product, sexy underwear needs to follow certain specifications.Taobao has also strengthened the requirements for related norms in rectification, such as restrictions on display diagrams to prevent indecent content and make the website environment healthier.In addition, the seller’s qualification requirements are also strengthened, and only eligible shops can sell on the platform.

Improve user experience

After rectification, the sexy lingerie category improves the experience and convenience of users’ purchases.In addition to subdivided categories and distinguishing gender, Taobao also adds screening function, allowing users to quickly screen appropriate products through price and word of mouth.This can retain users and increase sales conversion rates.

Guarantee consumer rights

Consumers need more protection for special categories such as sexy underwear.During the rectification process, Taobao forced sellers to test strict quality testing of the products, and increase the policy of returning and exchange protection to ensure consumer rights.

Promote the development of the industry

After the rectification, the sex underwear category improves the platform quality and product quality of the seller.Standardized management and strengthening review can eliminate some unsatisfactory stores and products, suppress market price warfare, thereby attracting the entry of high -quality stores and promoting the healthy development of the industry.


In general, Taobao’s sexual underwear rectification has increased the convenience of users and sellers, protecting consumers’ rights and interests, and promoting the development of the industry.At the same time, it also highlights the responsibility and responsibility of Taobao in the entire industry, providing users with better products and services.

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