Taobao models of sexy underwear

Who is the model of Taobao’s sexy underwear?

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you may notice that some models used by niche brands are very different from most traditional underwear advertisements.Their style is bold, sexy, or has a sweet and sexy image.So who are these models of Taobao’s sexy underwear?

Sexy and bad: the image of DVA

DVA has become a frequent visitor in Taobao sex underwear models. Her image is similar to the image in the game. She is both sexy and bad, making her the first choice for many sellers.

Sweet and sexy: the image of the game goddess

The goddess of the game is another common image in Taobao sex underwear models. They usually give people a sweet feeling on their faces and hairstyles, but in clothing, they are full of sexy and teasing.

The image of the girl next door

Another common Taobao sex underwear model is a girl next door. They usually wear round -frame glasses, T -shirts and denim shorts, which look very lively and natural.This image is neither fresh, but also adds some sexy factors.

Diverse body shape: not only thin models

Different from many underwear brands more than using thin models, Taobao sex underwear uses various models of different body shapes to show the effects of people with different bodies wearing erotic underwear.This approach allows more people to better understand the effects of love underwear products.

Selfie upload: Non -professional models also have a chance

In order to show their sexy underwear products, Taobao sellers will also find some non -professional models, allowing them to take selfies uploaded photos as product display.Although this approach may cause controversy, it can also make more interested people the spokesperson for sexy underwear.

Private customization: provide services for specific needs

Some Taobao sex underwear sellers also provide private customization services to customize suitable sexy underwear for them according to the needs of guests.This service can provide better choices for people with specific needs, and at the same time, it can also provide sellers with more sources of benefits.

Cooperate with brand and celebrities: establish a brand image

Some Taobao sex underwear sellers cooperate with some well -known brands and celebrities to establish their own brand image and popularity.This approach allows consumers to trust these sellers more and willing to spend more money to buy their products.

Disputes of sexy image

Taobao sex underwear is not controversial.Some people think that this approach is vulgar and immoral, and it is not suitable for young people.But others believe that this free and open attitude should be supported.

Conclusion: How is the sexual model of sexy underwear selected?

The choice of sexy underwear endorsement models is many different compared with other underwear brands.Models used by Taobao sex underwear may be more controversial, but they are more free and open.Through different images and practices, sexy underwear sellers can better display their products and establish contact with more consumers.

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