Taobao can’t collect sex underwear anymore

1 Introduction

With the opening of people’s sexual concepts and the popularity of the Internet, sexy underwear is no longer a sensitive topic.When many people seek new and different, they also have a strong interest in sexy underwear.Therefore, buying sexy underwear on the online shopping platform has also become a daily consumption of people now.However, many Taobao users have recently found that they cannot buy sexy underwear. Why?

2. Taobao corresponding policy

Taobao has resolutely prohibited the sale of products containing pornography, violence, abuse, fraud and other contents.Among them, the definition of sexy underwear is a bit blurred, which may cause some controversial products to be removed from the shelves.In this regard, Taobao officially explained: "Products involving personal privacy, sexual life, etc. If you cannot distinguish the content of the webpage, it will undoubtedly have a bad impact on children and children, so it is forbidden to sell it."

3. Solution of problems

Because the Taobao platform has corresponding restrictions and control measures for products involving personal privacy and sexual life, some sexy lingerie products cannot be reviewed.However, on other e -commerce platforms, such as, Tmall, Vipshop, etc., there are still a lot of sexy underwear for sale.Therefore, if Taobao users want to buy sexy underwear, they can try to search for selection on other e -commerce platforms.

4. Choose the right shop

Consumers need to choose cautiously when choosing a shop for sex underwear.First of all, to ensure that the store has corresponding qualifications and certificates, good reputation and high reputation.Secondly, by viewing the product details page, you can understand the fabric components, size and wearing effect of sexy underwear.Finally, if you have any questions, you can contact the store sellers through customer service or directly leave a message on the platform to obtain more information and support.

5. Selection of Size of sex underwear

The sexual underwear size may be smaller than the daily underwear size. This is to make the underwear more personal and show a better sexy effect.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, consumers need to carefully measure their body size, and combine the size table provided by the store to select the appropriate size.

6. Selection of sexy underwear style

There are many styles and styles of sexy underwear, dazzling.When choosing, consumers can choose styles from their preferences, occasions and matching.For example, when appreciating sexy private rooms at home, you can choose to have a sexy underwear with lace and lace; and at nightclub gatherings, you can choose to have more teasing styles such as see -through, fish nets, and splits.

7. The quality of sexy underwear

The quality of sex underwear requires consumers to consider carefully.Some low -priced erotic underwear may have quality problems, such as line heads, color differences, size deviations, etc.High -priced sexy underwear brands usually have better design, fabrics and handicrafts.Therefore, consumers can choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to the reputation and sales of the store, as well as the brand and material of the product.

8. Falling underwear wearing skills

Sexy underwear is also very important.Before wearing, necessary preparations are needed, such as washing, ironing, etc.When wearing, pay attention to the fit between the underwear and the skin to avoid obvious fat and wrinkles on the underwear.In addition, you can make the whole person look more sexy and charming by matching high heels, black stockings, etc.

9. Maintenance method of sexy underwear

The maintenance method of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to.Because fabrics are often delicate and easily harmed, consumers can choose hand washing or gently machine washing when cleaning, and using neutral detergents.Avoid direct sun exposure and high temperature ironing.In addition, in order to avoid the deformation of the underwear and keep it perfectly wearing the effect, the underwear can be hung or placed.

10. Personal point of view

Although the Taobao platform has corresponding policy restrictions and control measures, it does not mean that sexy underwear is an illegal product.As long as you follow the relevant regulations when buying, choose a reputable shop, pay attention to the quality, size, style and other problems of the product, as well as the correct dressing and maintenance methods, consumers can still buy their favorite sexy underwear and enjoy a certain amount of certainty.Happiness and satisfaction.

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