Tao under sex underwear

Three major genres of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a underwear that allows women to feel sexy.According to the category, it can be roughly divided into three genres, namely sexy genres, cute genres and mature genres.Among them, sexy flow is most likely to guide people’s attention to hormones, and mature genres pay more attention to sexual tuning, so there is the kind of sexy little loli and mature mature woman with red and swollen mouth.

Lace, representative materials of sexy underwear

Lace is the most common material in sexy underwear. Its texture is soft, breathable, and has strong transparency. With exquisite craftsmanship, people look sexy and elegant.In addition, the sexy underwear of lace is also very suitable for wearing in different occasions.

Flowers are the main theme of cute genres

Flowers are one of the most commonly used elements in cute genres. This flower pattern can make the whole underwear look cute and not bad.Some skirts and bedding also use floral elements, but with sexy underwear, the floral elements often achieve better results.

JK uniform style sexy underwear

JK uniform is one of the representatives of Japanese and Korean trend culture, so the sexy underwear has become more diverse and diversified.JK uniform style mainly emphasizes girls’ cuteness and unique color elements. This style is very suitable for girls who want to tease themselves.

One -shoulder design, elegant reveals sexy

One -shoulder design is one of the popular lingerie styles in recent years.Compared with the design of traditional tube tops and sling, sexy underwear with a word should be more suitable for the aesthetic needs of modern young people. At the same time, it is also very suitable for matching with suspenders or off -the -shoulders to keep your sexy atmosphere continuously emit.

Sex of sex underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear, including bra, underwear, thongs, T pants, suspenders, socks, and so on.These different types of erotic underwear allow you to show the best sexy posture in different occasions.

Pure black and pure white, the basic color of sexy underwear

Pure black and pure white are the two most basic colors in sexy underwear. These two colors are used to match the design of various styles.Pure black sexy harmony and solemnity, pure white is fresh and elegant, so that people can feel the eternal charm of sexy underwear while appreciating.

The clever design of erotic underwear

Lace is one of the most clever designs in the design of sexy underwear, which can make the underwear more perfect in terms of color and shape.Some lace has different sizes and different textures, making the whole messy underwear look more attractive.

Stockings, never outdated sex items

Stockings are also one of the sexy representative items. Usually, sexy underwear is always matched with stockings. Together, it will make you look more extra points.For separate combinations, stockings are also very suitable. Whether it is sneakers, high heels, leather shoes or sandals, it can be perfectly matched with stockings.

String style style, give you more sex tone

The style of rope art is also a kind of sexy underwear. This style uses the style of the rope of Japanese geisha rope, maximizing the sexy and softness of women, and also gives sexual adjustment a new interpretation.


A good sexy underwear should be able to bring teasing and charm to women, making them feel confident rather than embarrassing when wearing.Whether you want that style of sexy underwear, as long as you choose the right style, material and size, you will always find your own.

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