T -shaped pants Instead underwear Play text h

T -shaped pants Instead underwear Play text h


Do you know the pants pants and sex underwear PLAY text H?It is one of the sex lingerie series, which is very sexy and fun to wear.If you are not familiar with this, you can continue to read below to understand it.

What is the pants pants and sex underwear PLAY text h?

Play pants in the pants Play, as the name suggests, is a particularly sexy sexy underwear, which is often used in sex games.It separates both legs, exposing most of the hips, and fully exposed the wearer’s beautiful buttocks.This sexy underwear is suitable for women, because women pay more attention to the beauty and comfort of clothing.

Different styles of pantye underwear PLAY text h

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There are diverse styles of thongs and pants.First of all, its fabrics are mainly fabrics with good breathability and comfort of short plush, silk, and gauze.In addition, its styles are mostly bright colors and sexy prints, such as beast fantasy, petal dance, and night catwoman.You can choose to add lace, pearls, feathers and other decorations to make underwear more sexy and luxurious.

Disadvantages of Play Pants Pants Passeed Passeed Underwear H

Although the pants are very sexy, they are tighter to wear.Moreover, it is not very clear in size, so wearers should choose the right size according to their figure.In addition, it is not suitable for women to wear during menstruation, because thong design will increase the discomfort of menstruation.

The use scene of the use of thongs and l PLAY text h

The Play Pants Pants Innerwear PLAY text H is mainly used in sex games or fun experiences, suitable for sex places, beaches and other occasions.Due to its Lulu design, you need to choose suitable scenes to wear.Of course, you can also use it as a sexy toy, and carry out wearing experience with the help of your partner to increase sexuality.

How to wear dito pants and sex underwear PLAY text h?

Wearing panty pants Instead of Play PLA, which requires the help of third parties.You can prepare the fun props and atmosphere suitable for the occasion in advance, and then wear the underwear on your body to help adjust the position and tightness of the underwear by the partner.Be careful not to wear too tightly, otherwise it will affect comfort and aesthetics.After wearing, you can shake your hips appropriately to increase the fun experience.

How should I care for the pants pants to play underwear PLAY text H?

Play pants PLAY text h cannot use strong detergent, otherwise it will destroy underwear fabric and decoration.It is recommended to use a soft washing product and wash it with water. Do not rub it hard, otherwise it will cause the shape of the clothing.After the care is completed, it should be dried in the ventilation. Do not expose it.

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What type of women are suitable for wearing thongs and pants to play Play Play H?

Usually, women who like to try new things, dare to express themselves, and have rich sexual experience are more suitable for wearing thongs, pants, and sexy underwear Play H.Of course, any confident woman can try to wear and find different self.

in conclusion

The pants of the pants and the Play of Play, as a kind of sexy underwear, can be said to be a distinctive one.It has a variety of styles. If wearers can choose appropriate and pay attention to care, it is not difficult to wear.However, because the design is too sexy, the choice of wearable occasions is very important to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.Similar to other sexy underwear, the purpose of the wearable of the pants and pants of the pants is the main purpose of the wearableness of the PLAY text h, increasing sexuality, not the necessity of daily wear.