Sportswear Instead Underwear Beauty Video

Sportswear Instead Underwear Beauty Video

Sportswear Instead Underwear Beauty Video

As people’s requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, sexy underwear has become more and more valued.Whether it is sexy, beautiful or comfortable, sexy underwear can meet your needs.However, women also start to pay attention to the healthy lifestyle of sports, and sportswear sex underwear has emerged as a result.Today we will explore this topic together.

1. What is sportswear and sexy underwear?

Sportswear sex underwear is a new product that combines sportswear and sexy lingerie.It not only allows people to enjoy the comfort of sporting, but also shows women’s body curves, giving people sexy and beautiful enjoyment.

Second, the characteristics of sportswear sex lingerie

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1. Sleeping and breathable: Whether it is long -term exercise or high -intensity exercise, it will not make people feel breathable because of the thick underwear.

2. Special appearance: The designer has made a lot of effort in the appearance of sportswear and sexy underwear, making the underwear comfortable and beautiful.

3. Breast improvement: It has a lot of time on material and processing production, making the breasts look more upright.

4. Sports function: Added elements of sports functions to sportswear and sexy underwear, such as sweat absorption, breathable, tight, flexible, etc.

3. Applicable crowd of sportswear Interests of underwear

For women who pay attention to the quality of life and health, sportswear sex underwear will be a good choice.Especially those young women who love life, sportswear sex underwear can make them healthy and sexy!

Fourth, system classification of sportswear sex lingerie:

1. Sports type: This underwear pants are divided into a series of air permeability, lightweight, flexibility and breathability, and the effect is particularly good.

2. Yoga type: This underwear is mainly to adapt to yoga movement and fit the body well.The material is soft and more comfortable.


3. Running type: This underwear is characterized by strong moisture absorption and strong breathability. It can help you run more distances, and the comfort is also high.

Fifth, the color of sportswear sex lingerie:

At present, most of the color of sportswear sex underwear is black and white, but there are still a small number of other colors, such as red, blue, etc. These colors can bring people different visual feelings.

6. Sports clothing and sexy underwear:

Sportswear sex underwear is best used with sportswear.If you want to show a more sexy charm, you can wear a short sportswear sex underwear, or put on a exposed sportswear to make your charm without concealment.

7. Condition selection of sportswear Instead:

The purchase of sportswear sex lingerie is not the same as the purchase of other products.When buying, you need to pay special attention to the selection of materials, breathability and comfort, etc. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the size of the product for your body type.

8. Washing and maintenance of sportswear sex lingerie:

1. warm water hand washing;

2. Wash with neutral detergent;

3. Do not use bleach;

4. Don’t dry dry;

5. Do not use a dryer.


Sports clothing and sexy underwear are an essential part of women’s healthy life.It can make women feel comfortable, sexy, beautiful, and healthy.I hope that more women can try sportswear sex underwear and enjoy health and beauty in life!