Shi Dai Sisi Instead Underwear 3579

Shi Dai Sisi Instead Underwear 3579


Steel Silk Interesting Underwear is a company focusing on designing and making sexy, high -quality underwear.Established in 2012, after years of hard work, it became one of the leading sexy underwear brands in the industry.One of the most popular styles is 3579. Today we will take a closer look at this series of underwear.

background knowledge

3579 is a sexy underwear series made of lace fabrics. It is designed with a triangle cup. The chest is designed with a half -clocking design and the hem is wavy.The characteristics of this underwear are simple, comfortable, and sexy, suitable for women with various figures.

Style classification

Lace Trim Mesh Robe With G-String – 1002

There are four different styles of Steel Sets Fun Underwear 3579 series: sexy lace T -shaped pants, lace triangle pillow bra, bikini -style sexy breasts, black lace lace triangular pillow bra.Each one is suitable for different occasions and wear needs.

Sexy lace T -pants

This underwear uses transparent tulle fabrics and lace lace, which can just show a bit of sexy and very attractive.The curved belt design makes it more comfortable to wear, and the design of T -shaped pants can highlight the hip curve.

Lallic triangle pillow bra

This bras use high -quality lace lace. The angle of the cup can just highlight the cleavage, and the cup has soft filling materials, which can better hold the chest and make your chest more upright.

Bikini sexy chest

This bra is sexy, with ultra -thin fabric design, and the half -cup design can expose the chest.The irregular ring design and lace lace add more temperament and beauty.

Black lace lace triangle pillow bra

This bra is most suitable for sex parties.It also uses high -quality lace lace, while black colors look more mysterious and sexy.Its pair of triangular cups and the wavy design of the hem complement each other, and the wearing effect is amazing, which can make you the focus of attention at any party.

Nipple Tassels

suitable occasion

Steel Sets Funwear 3579 series is suitable for various occasions, such as couples, parties, wedding ceremonies and other occasions.These sexy underwear are very comfortable, making you feel confident and beautiful after wearing.


If you want to wear the sexy underwear of the 3579 series, there are some precautions to pay attention.First of all, when washing, put the underwear in the laundry bag to prevent the lace from being hooked.Secondly, do not use chlorine drifting agents to avoid destroying the elasticity of lace.Finally, underwear is recommended to wash it to maintain its quality and extend the service life.


The 3579 series is the classic style of Steel Silk Interesting underwear.Each one is known for its high -quality fabric, comfortable feeling, unique design and sexy temperament.If you are looking for a sexy underwear that can make you more charming, confident and beautiful on any occasion, then try Stidi Silk Sex 3579 series!