Sexy underwear style name

Sexy underwear style name

Sexy underwear style name

1. Drain

The bras are the basic styles of sexy underwear, and they are also the most common sexy underwear.Generally, it includes triangular cups, round cups, half cups, whole cups, marks and other styles.

2. Through pants

The thong is a sexy sexy underwear. It is connected to the band on both sides. The shape of the rear is like an inverted triangle. This style can show the hip curve.

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3. Hollow underwear

The hollow underwear uses various materials and design methods to create a variety of patterns or hollows, which increases the visual effects of sexy underwear and makes people more tempting.

4. Lace underwear

Lace underwear uses the texture of lace to create sexy design methods such as perspective, back, exposed, low -cut, and low -cut, which makes people look more sexy.

5. waist seal

The waist seal is a sexy underwear designed by the waist and increased the waist curve. It can be worn with thong or T -shaped pants, which is better.

6. Personal skirt

The personalized skirt is a sexy underwear wearing it. It can play a role in modifying the body curve and hidden fat, which is conducive to showing the beautiful curve of the female body.

7. bra set


The bra is composed of two sexy underwear, the top is usually a bra, and the lower jacket can be panties or skirts.Most of these sets are designed with thin materials, which can better show women’s body curves.

8. Better clothes

The body is used to use a special fit design and elastic material, which can tighten the waistline and lower abdomen to make the body more perfect and slender.

9. Kimono underwear

The kimono underwear is a sexy lingerie style that uses Japanese kimono materials to incorporate oriental elements, which can create a chic sex atmosphere for women.

10. Pacch

The pacifier is a feminine sexy underwear that can wrap the nipples and areolas to make women more confident.


The above is the common style of sexy underwear. Each sex underwear has its unique charm and applicable occasions. Choose a style that suits you to make yourself more sexy and confident.