Sexy underwear selfie Daquan

Sexy underwear selfie Daquan


In modern society, sexy underwear has become one of the ways many women show their charm. More and more women like to share photos of their sexy underwear on social networks.This article will bring you a self -portrait of sexy underwear, helping you understand the sexy underwear of a variety of different styles, so as to better show your charm.

Stockings and hanging sticks


Stockings are very classic sexy underwear single products. It is made of fine transparent yarn. After wearing it, it can highlight the legs of women’s legs and show a charming beautiful leg curve.The most common colors of stockings are black and skin tone, but there are other colors of stockings, such as red, purple, pink, etc.

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The hanging stockings are made of soft silk, exquisitely designed, and the upper part is decorated with suspenders, which can show the feminine feminine shoulder lines. It can create a sexy effect with stockings.The color of the hanging stockings is the same as the stockings, and you can also choose different colors according to your personal preference.


Lace underwear

Lace underwear is often regarded as the sexiest sexy underwear. It is made of light lace material, which is comfortable and comfortable, showing women’s figure curves, sexy and charming.The color is not limited to black, red, white, skin tone, but the common colors are black, red, etc.


Lace underwear is a woman’s most basic sexy lingerie single product. It uses soft fabrics and decorated with exquisite lace. It is very suitable for wearing with other underwear styles, which can make women’s hips and leg more sexy.There are various types of lace underwear, mostly white, black, and skin tone.

Cat Woman Equipment

Cat Woman ear headdress

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Cat ear headwear is a common item in many women’s sexy underwear selfies. It is made of fluff or leather material, combined with female long hair, perfectly showing women’s cuteness and sexy, often used in cosplay or sex photos.

Cat woman tail

The cat woman’s tail is similar to the cat’s ear headwear, and it is also a sex lingerie single product.Commonly used for velvet material, which can be fixed behind the hips. It is more difficult to wear than cat ears, but if it can be perfectly displayed, women’s sexy is more sexy.

Bellyband and suspender vest


The bellyband is a sexy underwear shown on the chest. It is often fixed with thin rope or chain. Various interesting design can fully show the sexy charm of women. It is a good match for many sexy evening clothes.


The suspender vest is a sexy underwear with all kinds of underwear or single wear. It is often used with thin and thin materials. It wraps women’s chest. The coat is fixed by a thin rope or suspender, which is often used with sexy sportswear or hot pants.

Uniform temptation

Maid costume

The maid dress is a cute sexy underwear. The original design comes from a waiter costume in Japan. After being improved, it becomes a fun underwear that people like to hear today. They use black and white colors, often paired with knee socks or high heels.

Police officer

Police pretend to be a powerful sexy underwear. It uses black and white stripes and combines police logo. It is often decorated with police caps and batons.

Leather series

Leather jacket

Leather clothes are a sexy underwear with a very sexy sense of power. It uses soft and comfortable leather materials. It is often paired with black tight pants or boots to show the temperament of the female commander.

Leather glove

Leather gloves are a sexy lingerie item commonly used in leather clothing. It is often used in leather clothing with daytime clothing & night -off leather clothing, highlighting women’s elegance and sexy charm.


The sexy underwear involved in the article is just the corner of the iceberg, and everyone’s body and preferences are different. Therefore, choosing sexy underwear should also follow this principle.No matter what kind of sexy underwear wears, the most important thing is to be confident, self -love, and confident, and show your beauty and temperament.