Sexy underwear open stall young women

Sexy underwear open stall young women

Paragraph 1: Origin and development of open underwear

Opening underwear is one of the sexy underwear, and it is also one of the representatives of sexy and tempting.As early as in ancient times, the open crotch pants already existed, but the opening underwear gradually became popular in modern society.Initially, the open underwear was worn by actors, models, sex workers and other professionals in performances or work, and later gradually became popular among ordinary people.

Section 2: Design and style of opening underwear

The design of the opening underwear is mainly to make women more convenient in the process of sex, and at the same time to satisfy the visual and psychological stimulus of men.In terms of style, it can be divided into various types such as pants, belt, and back -off type.Pants -type underwear can be divided into briefs to open underwear, thong pants open underwear, G -string open underwear, etc. Each type has its unique sexy place.

The third paragraph: Who is suitable for wearing open gear underwear

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Generally speaking, women who are suitable for wearing open-stall underwear are between 20-40 years old. They are beautiful, confident and brave, and are willing to try fresh gameplay.Of course, in fact, the timing and occasion of wearing open underwear also needs to be determined according to personal preferences and hobbies.

Paragraph 4: Why choose to open the gear underwear

There are many reasons for the choice of opening underwear, such as enhancing interest, increasing sexual interest, showing sexy, increasing self -confidence, increasing emotional identity, and so on.Because opening underwear can meet the multiple needs of women and men, it is more and more popular with people.

Paragraph 5: Pay attention to wearing open underwear

There are two main points to pay attention to when wearing open underwear: first of all, choose the suitable size of your own, because the design and structure of the opening underwear are different from ordinary underwear. If the size is not suitable, it will affect the degree of posture and comfort.; Secondly, it is necessary to use it correctly when wearing it. The rear fixer and the lace elastic band cannot be tightly tightened, otherwise it will affect the blood circulation.

Section 6: How to match the opening underwear

When pairing of underwear, it can be divided into two ways: one is to match sexy clothing, such as tight skirts, short skirts, tights, etc., highlighting body curves and sexy charm; the other is a romantic clothing, such asLace stitching dress or lace top reflects the feminine and charming side of women.

Seventh paragraph: opening underwear brand recommendation

Among many sexy underwear brands, opening underwear is also a very popular product. The recommended brands are: Venus sex lingerie, Barbie doll sexy underwear, Migra sex lingerie, Reyya sexy underwear, etc.


Eighth paragraph: Common misunderstandings of opening underwear

The common misunderstanding of open underwear is that as long as you put on the opening underwear, you can easily solve the problem of sexual problems. This is incorrect.Opening underwear is just a kind of auxiliary prop. In the process of sex, it is also necessary to cooperate with other erotic toys and skills to achieve more ideal results.

Paragraph 9: market prospects for opening underwear

With the opening of people’s concepts and the popularization of sexual culture, the sexy underwear market has gradually developed into a huge and strong market.As a kind of sexy underwear, the market prospects for opening underwear are also very broad.

Section 10: My point of view

As a kind of sexy underwear, the opening underwear has become more and more favored by women and men in modern society.Although there are still some misunderstandings, as long as we correctly understand and use the opening underwear, it can bring more fun and stimulation to our sexual life.