Sexy underwear is safe at home

The storage of sexy underwear at home

Sex underwear is purchased by many couples to enhance life interest, but in terms of storage, many people have negligence and improper situations.The correct storage can extend the life of the underwear while avoiding embarrassing things.

Avoid putting in a place where it is easy

The humid environment will make the underwear moisture and mold, which will affect the quality and taste of the underwear.Therefore, in order to protect underwear, we should try to avoid putting it in a humid place, such as kitchen and bathrooms.Choose a dry and ventilated place to store underwear, which can not only extend the life of the underwear, but also avoid the infection of bacteria.

Category storage

When storing, we must first classify and store different types of underwear separately to avoid problems such as different types of tube jackets and lace shirts, which cause deformation to cause deformation.

Pay attention to the breathability of underwear

The better the breathability of the underwear, the easier it is to keep it dry and ventilated.When storing, pay attention to the breathability of the underwear.If it is stored in a sealed plastic bag, or is densely squeezed with other underwear, it can easily cause the underwear to deform or even damage.

Use professional underwear bags to store

The underwear bag has a professional design that can provide better protection for underwear and easy to manage.When buying underwear, many professional sexy underwear merchants will also provide corresponding underwear bags.

Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight can sterilize, but it is not suitable for storage of underwear.The light will have a negative impact on the material of the underwear, which will cause discoloration, deformation, and even damage.Therefore, when turning, we can choose a corner or the dark part of the wardrobe to place underwear.

Avoid heavy objects over

It is best not to be pressed on it on the underwear, otherwise it will cause the underwear to change and cover the problem of inequality.Try to choose the inside of the lining cup in the card hook, and it is always a good choice to place the tank.

Choose a clean place to store

The place to store underwear must be clean and tidy, try to prevent the production of dust and mites as much as possible.Before storing, you can clean the place where you store underwear to avoid dirty stains on the underwear, which can ensure the hygiene of the underwear.

Avoid stacking when storing

Underwear is easily stacked and deformed when it is stored for a long time. Therefore, when storing, for underwear that needs to be stacked, it is best to use a professional underwear storage box or underworld bag to store it.

Arrange the number of underwear reasonably

In terms of the number of storage underwear, the number of storage should be determined according to the actual situation.Do not squeeze the underwear together because of too much storage, and do not store too little, so as not to damage lace and other unconventional underwear underwear.The number of stored stored stores should be reasonably arranged according to the actual situation.

Overall view

Although storage of sexy underwear seemed simple, we need to have some professional knowledge and skills to operate. The correct storage method not only increases the service life of the underwear, but also protects our privacy and health. I hope that the above method can help you can help you.Essence

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