Sexy underwear Hanfu Perspective Picture Beauty

Sexy underwear Hanfu Perspective Picture Beauty

Sexy underwear Hanfu Perspective Picture Beauty

In modern times, sex underwear has become a reflection of fashion and confidence, and what kind of visual impact does it bring to the traditional Hanfu?Here are the combination effects of sexy underwear and Hanfu.

Combined with the background introduction

Hanfu is a kind of traditional Chinese national costume, and sexy underwear is a personalized fashion underwear.The two were completely different, but in modern times, the combination of the two can form a unique aesthetic effect.

Combining method 1: Perspective underwear

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Perspective underwear is a more popular type of sexy underwear. It shows the female body curve through transparent materials, and the elegant effect of Hanfu can create a mysterious, classic and sexy atmosphere.If you want to try it, it is recommended not to choose the color too bright, so as to highlight the beauty of Hanfu.

Combination method two: hollow design

The hollow design is another method of combining Hanfu. The hollow design of the sexy lingerie is combined with the embroidery of Hanfu, which can highlight the exquisite and elegant of the underwear.Especially in color, you can choose the color that is similar to the Hanfu, which can show the charm of Hanfu.

Combining method three: color matching match

Color matching is a very important part of wearing. The combination of erotic underwear and Hanfu also needs to pay attention to the color matching of the two.If the color of the Hanfu is more bright, you can choose a more elegant style of the underwear, otherwise it will cause visual conflict.If it is a black -bottomed Hanfu, you can choose the bright color of the underwear to increase the overall effect.

Combination method four: style matching

There are many different styles of sexy underwear. Wearing it with Hanfu, you also need to choose according to the style of Hanfu.If it is a relatively loose Hanfu, you can choose a bust -style underwear, which can highlight the curve of the figure.If you are a more self -cultivated Hanfu, you can choose a simpler style to avoid too complicated outfit.

Combination effect display

The following is the combination of some fun underwear and Hanfu.Different combinations such as perspective, hollow, color matching, and styles all show different aesthetics, which is memorable.

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However, the combination of sexy underwear and Hanfu has also triggered some controversy. Some people think that such a combination is not solemn enough and does not meet the traditional culture; some people think that this combination is exactly the expression of traditional culture into modern fashion.

Combined value

Regardless of whether it is in line with traditional culture, the greatest value of the combination of sexy underwear and Hanfu is to break through the traditional constraints and lead the fashion trend.Through this combination, people can also understand the profound and agile charm of traditional Chinese culture.

A combination of enlightenment

The combination of sexy underwear and Hanfu can not only be used in wearing, but also play a role in the innovative design of traditional culture.Breaking through tradition and combining personalized elements can not only inherit traditional culture, but also enable traditional culture to better meet the aesthetic needs of modern people.

In summary, the combination of sexy underwear and Hanfu has various methods such as perspective, hollow, color matching, and styles, and combines these methods into unique aesthetic effects.When using it, it is necessary to consider the matching of color and style to form a complete visual effect.Although the combined method has triggered some controversy, its greatest value is that it breaks through the traditional restraint and leads the fashion trend, and also provides inspiration for the innovative design of traditional culture.