Sexy underwear hairstyle picture Daquan girl

Sexy underwear hairstyle picture Daquan girl

Sexy underwear hairstyle picture Daquan girl

1. Curly cover the belly underwear

Qiaozhong underwear is a sexy underwear with abdominal effect, which is often used in women when wearing tight skirts.The front design of this erotic underwear uses a special abdominal mesh material. The material has certain elasticity. It can wrap the abdominal fat and cover the excess fat at the waist and abdomen.

2. Triangle cup underwear

Triangular cup underwear is a sexy underwear. This underwear is characterized by triangular cup design, which can show the curve of the front and back of the chest more perfect.Triangle cup underwear can be paired with camisole skirts and vests, which are suitable for many occasions.

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3. Follow -built underwear

The front buckle underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that is convenient to wear. Its design uses the front buckle eye, which is different from the traditional rear buckle design.The upper and lower shoulder straps of this underwear are connected, the structure is compact, and the performance is stable. It can effectively hold the chest to prevent the chest from relaxing.

4. Flowers like brocade underwear

Flower is like a golden underwear for a flower pattern. It is usually made of silk and lace materials.This kind of flower underwear is very suitable for summer wearing, which can show women’s delicate and romantic feelings.

5. lace tulle shown

Lace tulle underwear is a kind of perspective underwear. The material is made of transparent gauze nets and lace materials, which can perfectly display the body parts and create a sexy and charming effect.

6. Colorful underwear

Colorful lingerie is a kind of sexy underwear with rich colors. Its peculiar color has bright highlights, adding glory and fashion.At the same time, this fun underwear also shows a charming and independent female image.

7. Crossing underwear

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The intersection of the shoulder strap is a cute and sexy exquisite underwear. It adopts a special shoulder strap design, which can effectively highlight the beautiful neck and shoulder curves, while emphasizing the perfect shape of women’s chest.

8. Thickened pair of parallel clothes

Thickening auxiliary underwear is a sexy underwear that can be tightly wrapped in the chest. The material uses a yarn material with a certain thickness, which can closely hold the chest to hold the chest to achieve the effect of collecting sidelines.

9. tube top underwear

The tube top underwear is a very popular sexy underwear. The design of the shoulder -free strap can perfectly show women’s chest and create a sexy feeling on the entire upper body.

10. Hollow underwear

The hollow underwear is a sexy underwear. Its design uses transparent lace and mesh materials, which deliberately sew and cutting the materials on the materials, showing some unique aesthetics.Hollow underwear can be paired with leather pants and perspective long skirts to show natural women’s beauty.


Interest underwear is an important element in women’s dress. Its style design, wearing effect, material quality and other aspects have a profound impact on women’s wearing experience and self -perception.When choosing a sexy underwear style, you should choose combined with your own body shape and wear occasions, so as to wear the best effect.