Sexy underwear avoids straight slap

Sexy underwear avoids straight slap

What is sexy underwear to avoid straight slap?

The sexy underwear is free to take off straight. It is convenient for customers to design the pop -up design without taking off the underwear in special occasions. It is also called a direct tearing underwear. It uses special fabrics and tailoring methods to allow customersUnder the premise that it does not affect the aesthetics, quickly wear off and take off underwear.

The characteristics of erotic underwear are avoided

Generally, the design of the sexy underwear is free to remove the straight design. It uses two small buttons or no buckle design. This allows customers to directly love love without taking off the underwear, which is very convenient and fast.And the design is very unique, with a variety of styles, which can meet the needs of different people.

How to choose sexy underwear to avoid straight slap?

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Selecting sexy underwear to avoid straight slap needs to be selected according to your body and needs.Because sexy underwear needs to be directly contacting the human skin, the fabric needs is comfortable, breathable, and non -irritating.In addition, pay attention to the selection of size to ensure that the underwear can fit the body comfortably, so as not to affect the progress of sex.

Selection of erotic underwear for removal of straight penetration precautions

First of all, you need to pay attention to the fabric used in the underwear. You must choose a comfortable, soft, and breathable fabric to avoid allergies and itching.Secondly, you need to pay attention to the selection of the size. The size of the underwear of different brands is slightly different.In addition, the color and style of sexy underwear should be paid attention to the choice of color and style during the selection process. Different colors and styles of underwear are suitable for different occasions and crowds.

Sexy underwear free to remove straight brand recommendations

At present, there are many brands that are not straight -cut on the market on the market. Like Japan’s Tenga, European and American Lelo, and domestic Gearbies brands have fun underwear to avoid straight -slap product lines.You can choose according to your needs and preferences.

Interests of sexy underwear free to take off straight

Sexy underwear is mainly used to simulate the scene of real sex, such as role -playing, SM, etc.Its special design allows people to enjoy the process of sex more comfortably without affecting beauty.But pay attention to choose suitable occasions, do not wear this underwear in public places.

Question of sexy underwear from straight popping price range

The price of erotic underwear is higher than the general underwear, which is because its special tailoring and the cost of rising fabrics have increased.The price range ranges from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan.You can choose some big brands or professional products to buy, which is more reliable.


How to maintain sexy underwear for avoiding straight slap?

Sexy underwear is not straight -cut is a private underwear, which requires special maintenance methods to ensure its quality and comfort.It is recommended to wash it in low temperature water to avoid using bleach and dried machines.Avoid direct sunlight when drying to prevent the fabric deformation.

Funeral underwear for free future development

At present, sexy underwear is free to facilitate products launched by facilitate customers to quickly perform sex, but in the future, its application scenarios may be more diversified. After all, sex is accompanied by the activity of human history.The improvement of comfort will also become more popular products.


Fun underwear is a unique underwear design that allows customers to quickly wear off underwear on special occasions and perform sex.In the process of selecting and using sexy underwear to avoid straight slap, you need to pay attention to the problems of fabric quality, size selection, color and style selection, maintenance method, etc.Its application scenarios may be more diversified in the future.Therefore, we need to pay attention to choice and maintenance while enjoying the comfort and convenience it brings.