Sexy underwear and kimono small breasts

Sexy underwear and kimono small breasts

What is sex lingerie kitchen?

Interest underwear kimono is a style combining Japanese -style kimono and sexy underwear elements.It is usually designed as a short top, the shoulder is fold, the hem of the skirt is loose, and the length is usually between the middle of the thigh and between the knees.In contrast, traditional kimono is more loose and longer.

Fairy underwear and kimono style suitable for small breasts

For small breasts, sexy underwear is a very suitable choice.The following are three sexy lingerie and kimono -kimonos suitable for small breasts:

Recommended one: front buckle design

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The front buckle design sexy underwear kimono can make the breasts of small breasts look fuller.This is because the front buckle lingerie kimono can close the chest, making the natural chest curve more obvious.When selecting front -buckle sex lingerie and kimonos, it is recommended to choose a rich style with rich edges to increase the visual sense of hierarchy.

Recommended 2: thin material material

The sexy underwear and kimonos of thin materials will better fit the body and make the figure of small breasts look more sexy.In comparison, thick materials will appear rigid, not enough to fit the body curve.In addition, you can also choose a darker style when you choose a thin -quality sexy underwear to enhance the sense of hierarchy and depth.

Recommended three: lantern sleeve design

The sexy underwear and kimonos of the lantern sleeve can reduce the upper body lines of small breasts and increase the beauty of the body proportion.This style of sexy underwear kimonos usually shows folds and tassel design on the shoulders, which can enhance the sexy charm of women with small breasts.When choosing a lantern sleeve -style sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a simpler style to weaken the visual complexity.

How to choose the right sexy underwear and kimono size?

For small breasts, it is important to choose the appropriate sexy lingerie kimono size.The following are the two references to the method of choice size:

Method 1: According to the bust selection

Selecting sexy underwear and kimonos based on your bust is a more conventional choice method.Specifically, the size can be taken in part of the cutting of the chest, and the size is taken at the highest point of the chest.Finally, compare these two sizes and select the appropriate size.However, this method may ignore the size of other important parts, so you can also choose the size of the method two.

Thigh High

Method 2: Choose according to height and weight

Selecting sexy underwear and kimonos based on your height and weight is also a feasible method.The fun underwear and kimonos of different brands may be different. Therefore, it is recommended that it can be compared with the size table in a specific choice to comprehensively choose its physical characteristics and personal preferences.

Interesting underwear kimono wearing precautions

The precautions of sexy underwear kimonos are as follows:

Note 1: Avoid choosing too tight styles

Although the tight -fitting lingerie kimono can set off the curve of the body, too tight styles may cause discomfort and discomfort, affecting the wearing effect.Therefore, you can choose a slightly loose style to ensure comfort and wear effect.

Note 2: Pay attention to cleaning methods

Interest underwear and kimonos usually need to use more special cleaning methods, such as hand washing or selecting professional dry cleaning shop cleaning.Therefore, you need to pay special attention when wearing and cleaning, so as not to damage the fabrics and structures of sexy underwear kimonos.

Note 3: Accessories matching

Finally, you need to pay attention to the matching accessories of sexy underwear and kimonos.It is recommended to choose a simple accessory to match with sex underwear to ensure the coordination and unity of the entire wear.


In short, sexy underwear kimonos are a trendy style that is very suitable for small breasts.If you want to choose the right sexy underwear and kimono style and size, you can choose according to your physical characteristics and wear needs. At the same time, you need to pay special attention when wearing and cleaning.