Sexy lingerie women’s stockings 180 catties

Sexy lingerie women's stockings 180 catties

Sexy underwear women’s stockings 180 catties of trouble

For women who like to wear sexy underwear, it is very important to master matching skills.But if you are a fat woman, choosing the right sexy underwear will often bother you.In this article, we will provide some useful matching skills and suggestions for those who are fat, to wear confident and charming sexy underwear.

Dark underwear is an excellent choice

For women who are fat, choosing dark underwear will be a good choice.These colors can easily cover the imperfect body, making the figure look longer and tight.Black, dark blue, dark red, brown and other colors are very suitable for this occasion, which can greatly emphasize sexy body parts.

Abdominal underwear is a solution

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Choosing a specially designed and designed stuck in sex underwear can reduce the excess fat on the waist, fix the waist in one position, and improve the line feeling of the body.For women with swimming rings or "hourglass meat" on their stomachs, this underwear is a very practical choice.

Use lace elements to secretly expose some skin

Lace element is one of the most fascinating features of sexy underwear.For those women who are not perfect, choosing sexy underwear with lace elements can easily hide those unpleasant places and emit a elegant temperament.Especially transparent clothes made of lace can maintain sexy without showing too much.

Turn on the sleeve is a small trick to improve underwear to wear

If you need to enhance your own underwear, you can try to roll up the sleeves of the underwear.This can increase the lines of the arms and make people look even more shapely.And this way of wear will give you a very sexy feeling.

Use accessories to reveal sexy

The matching of sexy underwear is not limited to the underwear itself.A sexy accessory can bring more advantages to underwear matching.For example, you can wear a watch, necklace, bracelet and other accessories.These small accessories make you look more fashionable, highlighting your sexy.

Choosing the right underwear size is very important

Regardless of your weight, choosing the right underwear size is crucial.When you have a fat body, buying a suitable size of sexy underwear can allow you to get rid of the sense of restraint and let you get rid of your body shape.Choosing a suitable underwear size can make you feel more comfortable and let you show your self -confidence and charm.

Sexy Costumes

Pay attention to the selection of materials

Choose the right sexy underwear, be sure to pay attention to whether the material is suitable.For women with fat and lack of figure curve, choosing materials with certain elasticity will be the best choice.They can make their bodies more slender and tight.

Choose the right bottom pants

Under pants are also a very important part of the sex underwear matching process.For those fat women, high waist pants can cover excess fat on the waist, highlighting the sense of leg lines, making people look thinner.Moreover, high waist pants can emit a sexy temptation at the waist.


When you decide to wear sexy underwear, you need to distribute a confidence and charm.Put on your favorite erotic underwear, don’t worry about the eyes and comments of others, your confidence will make you more beautiful and attractive.

Point of view

Female -like women may be more difficult to wear sexy underwear, but in fact, as long as you choose the right style, color and accessories, etc., you can wear confident and beautiful sexy underwear.The most important thing is self -confidence and comfort, put on your favorite sexy underwear, and make yourself more beautiful and confident!