Sexy lingerie painting picture girl

Sexy lingerie painting picture girl

Sexy underwear is a sexy, teasing underwear, suitable for women to wear romantic, sexy, and party.For painters, sexy underwear is a material for artistic expression.Below, I will share the painting of sex underwear and related pictures for girls for reference and appreciation.

1. Falling underwear overview

Interest underwear is a sexy, teasing, and more transparent underwear. It is usually particularly unique in design, which is more eye -catching than ordinary underwear.It is widely used in sex, husband and wife life, and marriage life, increasing life interest, and can effectively stimulate the passion and desire of sex.

2. Drawing explanation of sexy underwear patterns

If you want to draw a good -looking underwear, you must first learn the basic sketching and color matching.Generally speaking, the patterns of sexy underwear should try to ensure the sexy and sorrowfulness of the picture. Use a brush to gently depict the characteristics of the lingerie material and highlight the protruding and smoothness of the lines.In terms of color matching, you can use earth color tones and black tones, which is conducive to highlighting the gorgeous sense of the pattern and can create a strong mystery and charming temperament.

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3. Overseas erotic underwear style characteristics

The style of sexy underwear in Europe and the United States and Japan is very different.Most European and American underwear reflects strong fashion and sexy, and the pursuit of detail and gorgeousness, while Japanese sexy underwear emphasizes fresh, natural and sweet temperament and cuteness.There is a very obvious difference in terms of clothing, color, pattern or material.

4. The taboo of girls wearing fun underwear

Although sexy underwear is very attractive to people’s attention, there are still some mistakes that should not be made when wearing.For example, sexy underwear is not suitable for wearing in formal occasions, nor is it suitable for transaction negotiations or receptions, etc., let alone work.At the same time, you should consider it carefully in people with sensitive skin to avoid causing allergic reactions.

5. Select Guidance for Size of Sex Underwear

When buying sexy underwear, the first problem is the size problem.The size of the bottom pants and bra should be determined according to its own body shape, and try to avoid choosing cups that are too tight or loose or waist or shoulders.Choose the width of the collarbone position and neck according to your own habits, and then choose the size of the bust to choose the size that suits you best through calculation and comparison.

6. Washing and maintenance skills of sexy underwear

When the sexy lingerie is washing, it is necessary to use a mild water temperature. After washing, you must squeeze the water to dry it, and you cannot press it hard to avoid damage to the underwear.When drying, you should avoid sun exposure and high temperature drying. It is best to use a special shelf to dry it. At the same time, you can also use a hanger to dry, but you must ensure that each arm can be fully supported.

7. Selection Guide of the Brand Selection of Sexy Lingerie

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There are many sexy underwear brands sold on the market, but not all brands of quality and design are trustworthy.It should be available to shop purchases with high reputation, ACL, Diorophia, Vabene, and Honeysuckle and other brands have received a lot of praise.

8. The popularity of sexy underwear

Compared with traditional underwear and pajamas, the popularity of sexy underwear is still relatively low.On the one hand, under the influence of traditional values, sexy underwear still has a negative impact of "exposure and no taste" in the minds of many women; on the other hand, the design of erotic underwear is usually bolder and the matching is relatively complicated.It is difficult for people to wear them freely in life, and therefore limits the sales and popularization of sexy underwear.

In personal motivation, situations, and occasions, sexy underwear can indeed make women show a more sexy and graceful posture.But it is just a beautiful dress that should not be valued too much, nor should they pursue unrealistic transparency and exposure.