Sexy lingerie beauty mobile phone wallpaper

Sexy lingerie beauty mobile phone wallpaper


The charm of sexy underwear is not only reflected in the sexy and aesthetics of wearing, but also many people will use it as a mobile phone wallpaper to decorate mobile phones to achieve the effect of transforming flowers.This article will introduce some sexy underwear mobile phone wallpapers and how to choose the right wallpaper.

Material selection

Choosing the right material is the first step to make mobile wallpaper.The material of sexy underwear is roughly divided into cotton, silk, lace, leather, etc.Cotton underwear can give people a gentle and fresh feeling, suitable for taking some sweet photos of beautiful style; silk underwear has a smooth and gloss, which can take some charming beauty photos; lace underwear is more suitable for sexy and sultryStyle; leather underwear is suitable for taking some very tempting photos, such as black leather bellybands.

Color choice

Lace Bra Bodycon Dress – 12928

After selecting the material, choose the right color.The sexy underwear advocates visual impact, so most of them are bold colors such as black, red, purple, and metal.Of course, there are many fans like white and pink and other quiet and elegant colors.When choosing, you can consider according to your personal preferences and use scenarios.

Selection of beauty photos

It is also important to make a good choice of beauty photos.First of all, they must have a very good figure and face, and they must have some sexy and sultry temperament.In addition, the angle, posture, and shooting environment of taking pictures also need to be considered to make the entire picture full of temptation and imagination.

Image processing skills

After shooting beautiful women and underwear, image processing is needed, such as trimming, adjusting color, filter and special effects processing.Adjusting the color can adjust the color and skin color of the underwear, and increase the contrast of the picture; the filter and special effects can enhance the color and layering, so that the picture has more visual impact.

Resolution settings

After making a beautiful underwear mobile phone wallpaper, you need to set it to a suitable resolution.The setting of resolution determines the display effect of the wallpaper you made on different resolution mobile phones.When setting, you need to pay attention not only to adapt to the resolution of your mobile phone, but also consider the resolution with a high penetration rate, and make multiple versions of wallpaper based on different mobile phone resolution.

Publish and share

After making a fun underwear mobile phone wallpaper, you can post and share.You can publish your own work on the Internet, or upload it on your mobile phone for sharing, and share your creation with friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After the wallpaper is set, why is the picture distorted?

A: This is because the resolution of the settings is inconsistent with the actual mobile phone resolution. The resolution settings can be selected according to the specific mobile phone model.

Q: How to choose the right picture for tailoring?

A: In order to avoid flaws after cutting, the picture is best to meet the resolution and proportion requirements. Do not be too compressed and the details are clear.

in conclusion

Sexy underwear beauty mobile phone wallpaper is one of the ways to show beauty and sexy. Choose the right material and color, choose the right beauty photos, and the correct image processing skills and resolution settings have a great effect on making beautiful mobile phone wallpapers.It is hoped that readers can make their own sexy underwear mobile phone wallpapers through constant attempts and creation.