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The sexy underwear shop near Erqi is row, but how to buy the most suitable sexy underwear has become a problem for many people.Next, this article will take you to understand the type and precautions of love underwear.

1. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear usually uses design elements such as perspective, hollow, lace, to emphasize the lines of the body in various parts of the body.Putting on sexy underwear can make women emit infinite charm.In terms of choice, we must first consider the design of the underwear, followed by fabrics and workmanship.Quality, comfort and price are important.

2. Adult underwear

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Adult underwear is also a special sexy underwear. It is stronger and sexy and exciting, with more color and style choices.However, when choosing adult underwear, pay special attention to quality and health issues. It is recommended to choose some authoritative product brands to avoid fake and shoddy products in low -end markets.

3. Beauty back underwear

Beauty back underwear usually uses a U -shaped, V -shaped or flat -back design, which can effectively improve the spine curve and shape the back curve, which helps better show women’s neck, shoulders and back lines.When choosing, make sure that the strap is comfortable, and you can choose different lines according to your needs.

4. Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a very feminine sexy underwear.It uses soft texture fabrics such as lace yarn, and creates a soft and emotional atmosphere through weaving patterns, fancy cutting and frying technologies.However, pay attention to the quality of the size and fabric when choosing to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of the wear.

5. 3/4 cup of underwear

3/4 cup of underwear is a special sexy underwear, a design between the bra and the chest.It is characterized by it that it can refute the breast part, forming a perfect visual effect, making women look more upright and plump.When choosing, you need to consider the size, shoulder band width, and clothing length of the bra.

6. Platform underwear

Planet underwear is a simple and elegant sexy underwear. The classic design style can make women instantly elegant and charming.Flat underwear is generally comfortable with cotton fabrics, which will not cause irritation to the skin.In addition, it is easy to maintain shape, which is a good choice for daily wear.

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7. breast enhancement underwear

Breast -bearing underwear mainly piles other fat to the chest through the thoughtful design to create a more plump and tall effect.When choosing breast enhancement underwear, choose according to your own figure and preferences, while paying attention to the size and support ability of the bra.

8. Black color sexy underwear

Black -colored lingerie is usually a kind of sexy underwear with mysterious and tempting. Women wearing black underwear are not easy to have cartoons and thousands of styles.When choosing black sex underwear, don’t just pay attention to the color, consider many factors such as style, translucent effects and workmanship.

9. Overall underwear

The overall underwear is a kind of sexy underwear composed of bras and underwear, which generally has unique styles and colors.The overall underwear needs to consider key factors such as waist width, butt curvature, and bras of bras to ensure the beauty and comfort during the wear.

10. Skirt -lining underwear

Line skirt underwear is a sexual panties that integrate skirts and panties.It generally uses cotton fabric, which not only is friendly to the skin, but also has the effect of keeping warm and relieving fatigue.When choosing, choose different thickness and colors according to your needs and seasons.

in conclusion

No matter what kind of sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the quality of the fabric and workmanship when choosing to ensure the comfort and health of the wear.In addition, consider your own figure characteristics and needs, and choose the most suitable underwear style.I hope this article can provide you with sufficient reference and help for you to buy sexy underwear.