Navel sexy underwear

What is the umbilical umbilical underwear?

Navel sexy underwear is a sexy, bold underwear style. It usually uses a suspender or sleeveless design. Compared with traditional underwear, it highlights the sexy charm of women.

The style and material of the navel sex underwear

The style and material of the navel sex underwear are different. Some styles are made of lace or transparent material, and some are made of leather or PU, which can meet the personality needs of different women.

What are the shapes suitable for navel sex underwear?

Navel sexy underwear has higher requirements for body figures, generally suitable for women with graceful body and beautiful curve, especially women with flat abdomen and long waistline.If you are a person with obesity, you can choose the style covered with the chest and lower abdomen to better cover the abdominal fat.

How to choose a naggee sexy underwear that is suitable for you?

When choosing to expose the umbilical lingerie, you must first consider your personal figure and needs, and then choose the appropriate material, style and color.In addition, pay attention to whether the size of the underwear is consistent with its own figure, because the size is not appropriate to affect the wearing effect.

How to wear a lounge sexy underwear?

The navel erotic underwear can be paired with camisole coats, shorts or skirts and other clothing. It can also be worn or paired with sexy socks, high heels, etc. to create different sexy and fashionable effects.


When wearing a lugga sexy underwear, pay attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness to avoid wearing in special environments, such as swimming pools, sauna rooms, etc.In addition, avoid contact with rough items or cool oils, so as not to destroy underwear materials.

How to maintain the navel sexy underwear?

The navel sexy underwear is generally made of fine materials, so it is necessary to be careful when maintenance, and avoid blending with other clothes.At the same time, it is best to use a hand washing method to avoid using washing machines to avoid damaging the material of the underwear.

Suggestions for buying Luck sex underwear

When buying Loucto’s sex underwear, you must choose a well -known brand, and pay attention to the style, quality and after -sales service of the underwear.In addition, you can also choose to buy it on a professional sexual product website to avoid buying in the sex shops of remote streets, so as not to suffer unnecessary trouble.

The pursuit of the navel sex underwear

The pursuit of navel sex underwear usually has an openness, confidence and bold personality.They like to try sexy and exciting underwear styles, which can better meet their personality needs.

in conclusion

Although the navel erotic underwear is bolder, it is necessary to be cautious during wearing and maintenance, so as not to suffer unnecessary damage.When buying, choose a well -known brand or professional sexy products website, pay attention to the style, quality and after -sales service of the underwear.Only when wearing and maintenance correctly can the exposed and sexy underwear better show the sexy charm of women.

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