Langsha sexy underwear suspender

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Langsha erotic underwear suspender in Taohuayuan

Taohua originated from a underwear brand in Sichuan. It has always been loved by consumers with its high -quality, affordable prices, and fashion avant -garde design.Taohuayuan is a rare mainstream brand in the field of sexy underwear. Its Langsha’s sexy underwear camisole is widely popular because of its youthful, trendy, sexy, and stylish design style.

The design characteristics of Langsha sexy underwear suspender

There are many unique design elements in Langsha’s sexy underwear band. In different styles and colors, you can see different intentions. Here are only several important and common features:

High -quality fabric material

For underwear, the types and quality of materials are the top priority.Langsha sexy underwear suspenders use high elastic fabrics, usually polyester fiber and elastic fiber blend.These materials are not only soft, comfortable, but also wear -resistant and easy to maintain.

Reasonable ergonomic design

Langsha’s sexy underwear suspender pays attention to details, focusing on the combination of styles and ergonomics, making the underwear closer to the body curve, and in line with the natural curvature of the back.After sampling measurement and the human body trial, get the best size size to ensure that the underwear is comfortable, close and close.

Sexy design style

Langsha sexy underwear suspender promotes sexy and beautiful design style. In the matching of materials, color, patterns, and lace, it has different personalities and characteristics.Among them, the most common are the lace edge pattern, strap style, and built -in earrings, which perfectly combine sexy and fashionable, exuding a strong temptation and confidence.

The category of Langsha sexy underwear sling

There are many categories of Langsha sexy underwear suspenders, and different types have different characteristics and uses.The most common of which are the following types:

Bra and underwear suit

This is a perfect combination that is often used in daily life and can be worn under other clothing.Different underwear suits design has different wear feelings and styles, and the style is also very diverse, which can meet different types of people and human body needs.


This is a kind of underwear covering the whole body, which can close the curve of the body, showing a sexy and enchanting temperament.There are usually sleeve or suspenders, suitable for special occasions or romantic nights at night.

Sexy socks

This is a kind of enercan element used to match clothes and underwear, which can harden the long legs of women and make monotonous clothes interesting and sexy.Socks can be paired with a variety of underwear, such as bras, exposed jackets, and so on.

Chiffon underworld nightdress

This is a kind of women with petite figure and lack of chest, making the chest more beautiful, and it looks very sexy after putting on.At the same time, this nightdress can also be used as pajamas on a romantic night, exuding a sweet temperament and unique charm.

Maintenance method of underwear

Underwear maintenance is very particular. The correct maintenance method can not only ensure the life of the underwear, but also ensure the safety and hygiene wearing underwear.The following is the main point of maintenance of underwear maintenance:

Soaking and washing

It is recommended to use cold water or warm water (below 30 ° C) hand -washing, and it is not recommended to use machine washing. In addition, in the first cleaning, it is recommended to use neutral detergent cleaning to let the underwear farewell to the tedious taste.

Drying and storage after cleaning

After the underwear is cleaned, it is best to dry it with a towel, do not wire with force.Underwear is not recommended to dry it directly in the sun to avoid the effects of strong ultraviolet rays on fabric materials.After that, the underwear is recommended to dry and store it in the underworld bag before wearing it to avoid direct exposure to the environment that affects the hygiene of underwear directly exposed to dust and bacteria.


Finally, it is worth noting that although the design and material of the Langsha sexy underwear camisole can stand the test, users still need to pay attention to the choice of size and style before buying to ensure that the underwear can perfectly fit the body curve of their body.Only in this way can we truly enjoy the confidence and sexy given by underwear.

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