Interests of underwear bacteria

The concept of sexy lingerie bacteria

Interest underwear is one of the essential products for women to show sexy charm and enhance sexual interest.However, there are also various potential health risks wearing sexy underwear. One of the main problems is bacterial infection.

Causes of bacterial infection

When wearing a sexy underwear, a closed and warm environment is formed between the human body and underwear. If the clothing itself contains bacteria, it is easy to reproduce and grow.In addition, when some women use products in their nursing private parts, dip the remaining substances on underwear can also cause bacterial infections.

Harm of bacterial infection

Fun underwear bacterial infection may cause discomfort such as itching, burning sensation, increased secretions, and odor. In severe cases, it may cause diseases such as urinary tract infections and inflammation of the reproductive system.

Measures to prevent sexy lingerie bacterial infection

Correct cleaning: Choose a professional underwear cleaning solution.

Personal hygiene: Keep your skin dry and penetrate the panties with good breathability. Do not use sanitary napkins and pads for too long.

Precautions for buying sexy underwear

Choose regular merchants: Select regular channels to buy sexy underwear, and the material should be environmentally friendly and healthy.

Make sure that it is appropriate to the body type: inappropriate underwear may have problems such as up and down movement, marks, frictions, etc., and increase the risk of bacterial breeding.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

Timely cleaning each time, dry or dry it in a clean underwear box, do not wash it with other clothes to avoid adverse effects such as dyeing, infection with bacteria.

Common misunderstanding

1. It is considered that sexy underwear is a tool to seduce men, and ignore its positive role in shaping and self -confidence in women’s self -image.

2. Think that the higher the quality of the sexy underwear and the brighter the color, the safer and hygienic.

Best wearing sexy underwear time

Interest underwear is a special clothing. It is recommended to wear special days such as dating, wedding anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day to express the important moment or romantic atmosphere of life.

Choose underwear and strengthen the learning of hygiene knowledge

Interesting underwear is one of the experiences in modern life. It has beautiful, sexy, healthy, and hygienic. It also brings some hidden dangers.Therefore, strengthening the learning of health knowledge and physiological knowledge is also an important guarantee for the development of sexy underwear culture.


Interesting underwear is a good helper to enhance women’s self -confidence and shape image, but you need to take the health of underwear seriously during the selection, dressing and maintenance process.Avoid the occurrence of sexy underwear bacterial infections, the key is to improve self -hygiene consciousness and correct maintenance of sexy underwear.

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