Homemade Lianyou underwear model

1. Buy materials

Self -controlled physical underwear needs to buy suitable materials. First of all, you need to buy two fabrics. It is best to choose soft, comfortable and breathable fabrics, such as silk, cotton, lace, etc. The color can be selected according to personal preferences.It also needs some lining materials, zippers (if necessary), glue, etc.

Second, tailor -made size

Even the body sex underwear is tight -fitting clothing, so it is necessary to tailor the size according to your body.You can use a tailoring clothes or using a cuttings to measure the waist, bust, hip circumference, shoulder width, etc., and record these numbers to prepare subsequent cutting.

3. Make a bra part

First, cut the appropriate size according to your own size, and then suture.In the process of suture, you need to ensure that you have no wrinkles as much as possible to avoid affecting the perception.It should be noted that the bra must be added to the lining to strengthen the support of clothing.

Fourth, make bottom pants part

The bottom pants are similar to that of the bra. The appropriate size is cut first. During the suture process, you need to pay attention to avoid wrinkles.The bottom pants can be cut according to personal preferences.

5. Connect the bra and the bottom pants into one

Switch the bra and the bottom pants to form an integrated conjoined underwear.During the suture, there is no thread at the connection between the two parts, and the lines of the clothes are smoother and natural.

6. Add details design

After the basic underwear is made, you can consider adding some details, such as lace lace, pearls, etc. to increase the fashion and sexy feeling of underwear.

7. Try to make adjustment details

After the production is completed, you need to make a trial, and make appropriate adjustments according to your personal body and preference.If you find that the underwear is too tight or loose, you can reinstate it in some position to achieve better results.

8. Tips for use and maintenance

In order to maintain the aesthetics and durability of self -control and sexy underwear, you need to follow the correct use and maintenance tips.For example, do not wash with other colors of clothes to avoid fading.During the washing process, you need to pay attention to avoid using strong scrubbing and overheating water to avoid affecting the quality of clothes.

Nine, DIY sexy underwear fun

Self -controlled physical and sexy underwear can not only meet the needs of personal fun, but also become an interesting DIY hand -made activity.

10. Conclusion

Self -controlling physical and fun underwear requires certain professional skills and thoughts, but after completion, it can not only show personal pursuit of fashion, but also add interest and fun of life.

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