Hollow cheongsam and fishing net sex underwear show


Interest underwear is no longer just a sexy clothing. More and more brands have begun to integrate it with fashion, becoming the heart of women.Among them, hollow cheongsam and fishing nets are two popular styles.

Hollow cheongsam

The hollow cheongsam refers to a cheongsam style that is cut off in a cut -out method to cut off some fabrics to show the skin.Commonly used hollow methods include lace hollow and pattern hollow.This style of sexy underwear has strong visual impact, and also reveals a kind of elegance and charming.

Fishing Nets sexy underwear

Fishing nets are the underwear made of fishing net fabrics. It has a unique mesh pattern and can perfectly show the body curve.White, black and red are the most common colors in fishing underwear in fishing nets. The color is bright and has a strong sexy charm.


When wearing a hollow cheongsam and fishing net sexy underwear, the body curve of women is perfectly displayed. The plump breasts and hips are particularly beautiful, and their sexual gratitude is vivid.Against the backing of stockings and high heels, it shows the charming and sexy charm of women.


When paired with hollow cheongsam, you can choose a pair of high heels or remove the cheongsam skirt to wear a sexy pajamas.And daily clothing such as fishing nets with denim shorts or wide -leg pants, the composition is more fresh and natural, and it can also reflect the sexy charm of women.


Women wearing hollow cheongsam will pay more attention to the choice of the occasion. You can choose to get a perfect romantic atmosphere at home or get a comprehensive relaxation of your body and soul at a sexy party.The fishing net fun underwear can be worn in daily life, increasing the interest of daily life.


If you need to buy a hollow cheongsam or fish net sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose breathable and soft fabrics to improve the comfort of wearing.At the same time, pay attention to information such as size and bust, and choose the most suitable style.

Brand selection

Many brands in the market provide seli -cheongsam and fishing nets sexy underwear. Ji Pinmei, Adorneve, Aicu Nuo, and Mei Nu are all expert brands in their respective fields. They have a high market reputation and reputation.


Cleaning and maintenance of hollow cheongsam and fishing nets are more important. It is not advisable to expose and rub it too intensely. It is recommended to wash it by hand and dry it naturally in the cool place.


The choice of hollow cheongsam and fishing net sexy underwear should be considered according to many aspects such as occasions, wearing effects, matching styles and brand choices.Only the style that is suitable for you can wear the most perfect effect.Cleaning and maintenance are also issues that need attention in long -term wear.But in any case, these two styles of sexy underwear are the best choices for women to show sexy charm.

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