Er Ao’s erotic underwear

Er Ao’s erotic underwear

The second sister is a very old woman, but her life is full of interest. She often wore a variety of colorful and unique style of sexy underwear to increase the fun of life.Under her guidance, I also started to like sexy underwear.Below, I will share the experience of sexy underwear with Erxi, as well as the types and advice of various sexy underwear.

Sexy underwear type 1: chest sticker

Breast paste is a kind of sexy underwear that is very suitable for wearing in summer.They are much lighter than traditional underwear, suitable for wearing low -cut clothes and off -shoulders.The characteristic of the chest sticker is to keep the chest with adhesives. It is very suitable for the choice of no bra or clothing that needs to avoid scratches or protruding chests.Erxiang often wore chest stickers in summer and attending high -end parties.

Sexy underwear type 2: Perfect underwear

Underwear is a combination of underwear and bra.When choosing a personal underwear, you need to consider the material and taste.It is lighter and softer than ordinary underwear, softer, but tighter than ordinary underwear.If you need to wear tight pants or high waist pants on special occasions, and do not want the lines of the chest or hip to appear uncoordinated, then personal underwear is a good choice.Erfu often wore underwear on the new year party and other grand occasions.

Sexy underwear type 3: surprise underwear

Surprise underwear is a sexy sexy underwear. Usually you can’t wear it in daily life.Surprise underwear is usually very shiny, including organic glass or crystal decoration with jewelry, or materials such as transparent and lace.If you want to celebrate or wear some special and surprising underwear on Valentine’s Day, then surprise underwear is your choice.Erfu often wore surprise underwear during Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary and women.

Sexy underwear type 4: maid costume

Maid dress is usually a sexy underwear that includes skirts, straps, knots and headbands.This kind of sexy underwear is most suitable for those who like to relax and express themselves in different forms, which can make you play a cute, carefree and exciting character.Er Ao often wore a maid in home or holds a party with friends.

Sexy underwear type 5: floral dress

Flower dresses are the most suitable sexy underwear wearing in summer and spring.This sexy underwear is very soft and lightweight, and is a very popular design.If you want to show your figure in the summer, the floral dress is your choice.Er Ai often wore a floral dress to participate in a party, or stayed at home comfortably.

Sexy underwear type 6: Pure color sexy underwear

Pure color sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear suitable for daily wear.This sexy underwear can be monochrome, or any kind of print or pattern.Unlike other sexy underwear mentioned above, pure color sexy underwear usually does not contain any astigmatism or dessert decoration.If you want to wear a sexy underwear in daily life and look fashionable, pure color sexy underwear is your best choice.Erji often wears pure pornographic underwear at home.

Sexy underwear type 7: bra: bra: bra

The bra is one of the traditional underwear styles, but there are also fashion changes in sexy underwear.They can be decorated with lace, transparency and hollow, as well as various colors and materials.When choosing a bra, choose models and materials according to your body and chest shape.Erxi wore a bra to show her beauty and sexy in daily life.

Sexy underwear type 8: lace conjoined shorts

Lace conjoin shorts are tight shorts made of lace.They are transparent and sexy, but will not give you a lot of support.This sexy underwear is usually suitable for wearing in the bedroom, but it can also be used in some special occasions and industries.Erxiang often wore lace conjunctival shorts at home as a comfortable home service.

Sexy underwear type 9: T -shaped underwear

T -shaped underwear is a very sexy sexy underwear. They are panties wearing in pairs.T -shaped underwear usually uses very lightweight and transparent materials, but it may not provide a lot of support when wearing.This sexy underwear is usually suitable for special occasions, such as the strip dance club and some special parties.Er Ai often wore T -shaped underwear when she went out with her husband.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a clothing design that makes people full of fun and increases self -confidence.Whether you want to wear a comfortable home clothing at home to relax yourself, or to wear sexy clothing on special occasions to show your beauty and charm, sexy underwear is a very good choice.I hope that the various choices and suggestions of this article can provide you with more references to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

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