Douyu female anchor sexy underwear dance

Douyu female anchor sexy underwear dance

In recent years, online live broadcast platforms have gradually emerged.On these platforms, many female anchors choose to wear sexy underwear to dance in order to attract more audiences.On the Douyu Live Platform, there are also some female anchors to choose this way to live broadcast.This approach can indeed attract more audiences to a certain extent, but it has also caused many controversy.This article will discuss this approach.

Introduction: What kind of behavior is sexy underwear dancing

The difference between sexy underwear and sexy underwear

First, the difference between sexy underwear and sexy underwear needs to be clear.Sex underwear is usually defined to design underwear designed to achieve some sexual purposes, such as dew -point touch cups, zipper lace, and so on.Sexy underwear refers to underwear that focuses on showing the beautiful curve of women in the design and production process and highlighting women’s temperament.The two are different, but they are one of the women’s decorations, and one or two are incomplete.

Why do female anchors choose sexy underwear and dance

Audience needs

One of the reasons for female anchors to choose sexy underwear dancing is the audience’s needs for this visual stimulus.In fact, sexy underwear dancing has become the real expression of female anchors on some online platforms. This is because many audiences feel that this is more exciting and excited.For some young men, watching female anchors wearing sexy underwear dancing is also a way of regulating mood, which can relieve some fatigue and pressure.

Popular culture changes

Another reason is that the female anchor wants to "catch up with the trend" and "fight for fashion".In today’s popular culture, only by following the trend can we get wider attention, thereby accumulating fans faster.Therefore, many female anchors began to chase "fashion", and wearing sexy underwear and dancing are one of the popular elements of them.This is particularly obvious on the Douyu platform.

Interesting underwear dancing poor effects

Promoting gender discrimination

On the one hand, this behavior will still promote gender discrimination.For some female anchors, as long as they are willing to wear a sexy underwear to dance, at most, they are regarded as "high energy contrasts", but if the same behavior is completed by male anchors, it is likely to attract more questions and attacks.In fact, the gender discrimination in the live broadcast industry is still existed. While the female anchors call for "respecting women", they should also notice the adverse effects of their own behavior on this discrimination.

Not conducive to creating a good social atmosphere

In addition, this approach is not conducive to creating a good social atmosphere. This visual stimulus manufacturing method has promoted some unhealthy psychology and will cause some people to materialize and hunting for women’s bodies.This approach is also considered a wanton acting act, forming a serious departure with social morality.It will cause adverse effects in popular culture.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear dance also needs to be cautious

Although sexy underwear dances can indeed attract more audiences, we still need to think about the social impact of this behavior.First of all, we should rationally treat the influence of the audience and the essence of the behavior of the alarm; second, we should be alert to some adverse effects, such as promoting gender discrimination, not conducive to shaping a good social atmosphere, and so on.To a certain extent, we should create a good network ecology and create a healthier and positive live video context.

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