After sending a girlfriend’s fun underwear

Step 1: Know the girlfriend’s preferences and needs

The first step to prepare to send a girlfriend’s fun underwear is to understand her preferences and needs.If you have already purchased a sexy underwear, it is best to confirm that she will like the opportunity to choose from before.If you have n’t purchased it yet, you can discuss with his girlfriend what color, styles, fabrics, and sizes she likes, so that this can reduce the subsequent repeated purchase or replacement process.

Step 2: Select the right style and size

It is very important to choose the style and size suitable for her according to the girlfriend’s preferences and needs.Different styles and sizes will affect the comfort and aesthetics of wearing. It is recommended to carefully check the size table when buying and adapt to the actual situation of your girlfriend as much as possible.

Step 3: Consider brand and quality

Brands and quality are also factors that need to be considered.Excellent brand and high -quality sexy underwear will have better comfort and long -term service life, avoiding unnecessary secondary shopping costs.It takes some time to find well -known brands and high -quality underwear products.

Step 4: Select different styles according to different occasions

Sex underwear is not limited to pajamas or patterns on the bed, but also can be used as a fashion and charm.Different occasions require different styles, such as selectively sexy low -cut styles at romantic dinner, and it is more suitable for sexy without losing small fresh lace styles when wearing daily wearing.Choosing different styles can make girlfriends add icing on different occasions.

Step 5: Cooperate with the characteristics of the girlfriend’s figure

Different figures require different underwear styles.If you want to show your girlfriend’s body characteristics, you can choose the corresponding underwear style.Big breasts can choose a gathered style, and small breasts can choose a style with shoulder pads. The waist is rounded and optional.Pants are also very good choices.

Step 6: Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of underwear

Correct cleaning and maintenance are important for any underwear.It is best to wash and use a special underwear cleaner at hand when cleaning; avoid direct temperature such as sunlight and dryer when drying; it is recommended to put underwear in a special maintenance bag before it is placed for a long time to ensure that it is not subject to dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dust and dustInvasion of insect pests.

Step 7: Use sexy underwear as a real gift

As a real gift, fun underwear focuses on unforgettable feelings and careful preparation, not just value and beauty.When giving a female girlfriend’s fun underwear, she should create an unforgettable atmosphere, such as handing her underwear gift box in the romantic candlelight, or an warm small card to express your love and blessings for her.

Step 8: Interpret the reaction of his girlfriend

After getting sexy underwear, you may wish to observe your girlfriend’s reaction.If she is not satisfied or uncomfortable, she can communicate with her at the right time, understand her true thoughts and feelings, and make some adjustments or upgrades.If she feels happy and comfortable, this gift is even more successful.

Step 9: Feel the mystery and charming of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a kind of dress, but also a deepening of emotions and desires.You can experience the mystery and charming of the underwear in bed or in a private place, enhance the positive emotions between each other, and create a strong love atmosphere.

Step 10: Discover the sexy charm of yourself and his girlfriend

Sending sex underwear for girlfriends is not only a gift, but also a kind of exploration and excavation of sexy charm of yourself and girlfriends.You can show your different appearances and girlfriends by buying different sexy lingerie styles and using different ways of dressing, and start another different sexy life experience.


Sending a girlfriend’s fun underwear is an interesting and spiritual experience, which can strengthen the feelings and interaction between each other. It is also a process of exploring and discovering the sexy charm of yourself and his girlfriend.Through the above ten steps, you can better choose and use sexy underwear.

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