Will you wear a sexy underwear to go to work?

Can I wear sex lingerie to work?

Since the entry of sexy underwear into the market, more and more women have begun to like this sexy, seductive underwear.However, the question also follows: Can sexy underwear worn in the workplace?Let’s discuss this topic.

1. Understand workplace culture

First of all, we need to understand the company’s workplace culture.If the company is very conservative, the fun underwear is obviously not suitable.And if the company is more open and managers can accept the costumes of the niche or involved in fashion, then wearing sexy underwear on some occasions is acceptable.

2. Position and workplace

Secondly, the place where positions and work are located also need to be considered.For some positions that need to receive customers, wearing erotic underwear may be more eye -catching, but for those who work indoors in the office, wearing more formal underwear from a image and decent perspective will be more secure.

3. The attitude of modern company

For those modern fashion companies, the dynamic and innovative clothing is very popular. At this time, wearing erotic underwear is in line with the company’s atmosphere and culture.Moreover, modern companies often pay more attention to employees’ personality and creativity, and sometimes seeing sex underwear as a way to express self -style.

4. Consider the reaction of colleagues

Of course, the company’s visual aesthetic acceptance of sexy underwear is not the only problem that needs to be considered.As a person in the workplace, we must also take into account the relationship between colleagues and colleagues.The result may be affected by the reaction of a colleague.If we are wearing fun underwear in and out of traditional conservative workplaces or some colleagues with uncomfortable tuning, at this time, it may lead to tearing and tension, and it is difficult to focus on work.

5. Color and design match

To go to work for sexy underwear, we also need to consider the color and design of the sexy underwear.Light -colored and transparent erotic lingerie gives a sense of transparency, especially under the shining of strong light, this transparent effect is more obvious.So if you want to work in sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a dark and bright sexy underwear. When designing, you must meet the standards of professional styling, show your personal style and lose your career.

6. Be careful with novice wearing

After understanding the company’s workplace culture, the ideas and colors of our colleagues, we can consider wearing sexy underwear to work.If you are a newbie of sexy underwear, then you start to try to choose some less challenging clothes styles and colors to cooperate.

7. Details of sexy underwear

If you decide to work in a sexy underwear, you need to note that the underwear is based on the overall starting point and combined with the site of the inauguration place. You must cherish the underwear, and you must not be damaged, soiled or not taken care of.

8. Applicable occasions of wearing sexy underwear

It is critical to wear sexy underwear to work reasonably.For example, in some social activities or in specific festivals, you can try to wear sexy underwear.


If you can wear sexy underwear on the workplace, it is not possible.But pay attention to factors such as occasions, company workplace culture, colleagues response, styles and colors, etc. In general, although sexy underwear is a kind of clothing that reminds others of sexual desire attacks, but in our daily life, clothing enters our daily lifeThe process of life and fashion trends gives you self -confidence and find the best yourself.

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