Will sex underwear return to others?


As a product with a strong private nature, many people will consider returning after buying.However, some people are hesitant to return the goods for the reason why personal privacy leaks.They are worried that the erotic underwear they return will be sold to others again by the merchants, causing personal privacy leaks.

Merchant responsibility

First of all, as a merchant selling sexy underwear, they have the responsibility to strictly sanitary disinfection treatment of sexy underwear to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the product.If the merchant does not do a good job of disinfection, and sells the return of the return to other people, there may be hidden dangers of hygiene and safety. This is also what the merchant needs to avoid.

by law

Secondly, according to the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, merchants are responsible for protecting consumers’ personal privacy and health rights, not leaking personal information of consumers, and products that have been returned or used by other consumers.Therefore, it is an illegal behavior to sell a processed refund erotic underwear.

Consumer self -protection

In any case, consumers should understand and confirm the merchant’s return policy and after -sales process before returning.If the merchant’s return policy clearly states that it does not support after -sales service such as refund and return, consumers should be cautious when buying, consider whether they need this product and maintain rational consumption.

Return processing process

If the merchant supports after -sales service, consumers should prepare the following aspects before returning:

Consultant’s return policy and return process

Keep the original product label and packaging, and maintain its original state

Be careful not to cause any damage or pollution to the product

Fill in the return form and attach the purchase voucher

Sexy underwear return processing

Under normal circumstances, merchants will strictly sanitary disinfection treatment after receiving a sexy underwear.If the sanitary safety status of sexy underwear is guaranteed, the merchant can treat it as second -hand products, but before the sale, the product must be disinfected again, and all personal information residues in the product must be removed.

Personal Privacy Protection

If consumers are still worried that affectionate underwear may be sold to others, they can ask merchants to destroy the returns when they refund to protect personal privacy.

Public opinion

Although merchants have the responsibility to strictly handle sex underwear, many consumers still believe that the sexy underwear may be sold to others after returning the goods.If merchants want to meet the needs of consumers, they need to do a good job of disinfection of goods, remove the original information before sales, or destroy the goods during a refund.

in conclusion

In short, before the return, consumers should understand the merchant’s refund policy and processing process, and pay attention to maintaining the sanitary and safe state of sexy underwear.Merchants need to abide by relevant laws and regulations to protect consumers’ personal information and health rights.It is hoped that relevant departments will standardize and formulate the disposal of such products to better protect the interests of consumers.

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