Why do men buy sexy lingerie?

Why do men buy sexy lingerie?

It is undeniable that the market for sex underwear is very large now. Not only are women buying, but men are gradually joining this ranks.So why do men buy sexy underwear?This article will be explained from several aspects.

1. Buy for lover

When men buy sexy underwear, they sometimes want to buy some sexy underwear for their girlfriends or wives to meet the sexual needs of both parties.And if it is on a special day, such as Valentine’s Day or Marriage Day, men will be more motivated to choose a commemorative sexy underwear.

2. Give self -confidence

One of the reasons for many men to buy sexy underwear is to enhance self -confidence.In the life of husband and wife, women have always paid more attention to appearance, but men are rarely valued.Therefore, men will choose a sexy sexy underwear before sex, so that they will look more sexy and charming, and self -confidence will be improved.

3. Improve life interest

The role of sexy underwear is to make life more interesting and strengthen the interaction and communication between husband and wife.Men can choose some strange sexy underwear to stimulate sexual passion and fun.This has great benefits for the life of sublimation couples and enhancing emotions.

4. Satisfaction fantasy

There is another reason for men to buy sexy underwear to satisfy their sexual fantasies.When watching porn videos, men usually see women wearing various sexy underwear.Therefore, in life, men also have the same idea, buying some sexy underwear to satisfy their sexual fantasies.

5. Enhance interest

In marriage or long -term love, interests often weaken with time.When buying sexy underwear, men can not only increase interest, stimulate their desire for sex, but also give girlfriends or wives some surprises.

6. Erotic joke

Sometimes, men buying sexy underwear is not exactly for sex, but to make fun of and humor.Many erotic underwear are very interesting, and sometimes the information conveyed is also very interesting.Such clothing can make a fun life more interesting.

7. Show the body

Men wearing sexy underwear can better show their body advantages.Of course, this is not just the right to men. Women can also choose a sexy underwear suitable for their figure to show their charm.

8. Practical and aesthetics

The design of sexy underwear must not only pursue beauty, but also take into account practicality.When buying sexy underwear, men should choose products with good quality, comfortable feel, and good breathability.And deciding which sexy underwear to buy is still depending on your needs and taste.

9. Improve sexual experience

Finally, men buying sexy underwear can also improve their sexual experience.For example, some sexy underwear can cause a certain stimulation to women’s sensitive parts during sex, making it easier for women to reach orgasm, and to make men get more sexual satisfaction.

10. Summary view

There may be many reasons for men to buy sexy underwear, but no matter what, it is important to enjoy a healthier, happy and harmonious sex life.This can not only meet the needs of both parties, but also greatly enhance the feelings and interaction between husband and wife, and realize a healthy and beautiful life.

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