Where is the supply of Tianjin sexy underwear?

Where is the supply of Tianjin sexy underwear?

1. Department Store

There are many brands selling sexy underwear in Tianjin’s department stores, such as romantic gardens, Silk Road Yunshen and Hua Zhi, etc., are more well -known sales of sexy underwear brands.By contacting the merchant directly, you can get a preferential wholesale price, and there are better after -sales service.

Second, offline market

Tianjin’s sexy underwear market is very active, and many manufacturers sell their products here.Find the right manufacturers in the market to buy high -quality products, but you need to pay attention to the quality and market conditions of the product, do a good market survey, ensure the quality of the product, and obtain the appropriate entry price.

Third, Taobao

Taobao is one of the largest online sales platforms in North China, so Tianjin also has many sexy underwear shops.Various brands of sexy underwear can be found on Taobao, and more preferential prices and wholesale contact information can be obtained.However, pay attention to choosing a reputable seller, and pay attention to ensuring the balance of quality and price, and avoid being deceived.

Fourth, Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the largest B2B e -commerce platforms in China. Here you can find many wholesalers and manufacturers of sexy underwear.On Alibaba, you can study a variety of different levels of suppliers, and you can send inquiries through the inquiry system to find better quality and price.

5. Exhibition

Participating in sex underwear is the best way to get the latest products and supplier information.

6. Small wholesale market

Tianjin also has some small sexy underwear wholesale markets. This is also the first choice place for purchasing sexy underwear. You can find various brands and levels of products in the market.

7. Network platform

In addition to Taobao, there are also various professional sexy underwear network platforms, such as love sexy underwear, lily sex lingerie, and so on.These platforms provide a variety of different brands, various prices, various styles, etc. You can choose to buy as needed.

8. E -commerce platform

Like JD.com and Tmall are also a channel for selling Tianjin sexy underwear. They are a large comprehensive e -commerce platform that provides sexy underwear of various brands and prices, and after -sales service is relatively complete.

Nine, agents

The agent who can contact the sex underwear to obtain the supply, and the agent can provide more preferential prices and stable sources.Through agents, you can get additional market support.

10. Social platform

Use social platforms, such as WeChat groups, QQ groups, etc., add relevant sexy underwear communication groups, establish contact with industry insiders, and gain better supply and exchange experience.


The above is the channel channel of Tianjin’s sex lingerie. Through comparison and screening, you can choose to get the private wholesale price for your partners to ensure that you become a market leader.

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