What kind of movie is the courier brother selling sexy underwear?

What kind of movie is the courier brother selling sexy underwear?

"Express Brother Sells Fun Underwear" is a Chinese movie released in 2016. It is co -directed by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, starring Deng Chao, Yang Mi, Lei Jiayin, Li Chen and so on.

The role of sexy underwear in the movie

In the movie, the courier played by Deng Chao accidentally found a group of sexy lingerie. In order to sell these underwear, he began to deal with customers and sell different underwear to customers in different ways.

Types of sex underwear

The sexy underwear appears in the movie is rich and colorful. There are various styles such as lace, transparent, sexy, and cartoon. For different ages, personality, and figure, horse killing chickens will recommend the most suitable style to customers.

Fun underwear function

Interest underwear is not only to increase sexy, but also can achieve curative effects, such as massage, abdomen and other functions.Therefore, in the movie, the horse killing chickens will also introduce the different functions of underwear to customers, so that customers can also get other practical effects in addition to satisfying sexy.

Customer response

In the movie, customers have different responses to sexy underwear. Some people think that they are very sexy, while others think it is too exposed.But the horse killing chickens always find the resonance point of customers, so that customers can experience the greatest happiness.

Emotional story integration

In addition to selling sexy underwear to customers, the movie is also incorporated into the emotional story of horse killing chickens and customers. Some customers like the sincerity and kindness of horses to kill chickens, and gradually like to kill chickens.This is very rare for a courier selling sexy underwear.

The meaning of the movie’s reflection

Although the movie tells the story of selling interesting underwear, it reflects the essential quality of the survival of the workplace, such as good at communication, strong affinity, sensitivity to customer needs.These qualities are also suitable for various industries, and we need to reflect and learn.

Popularity improvement

The popularity of the movie has made sex underwear a hot spot for the media and consumers.The sexy underwear shop has also received more attention and customer traffic.Behind this phenomenon reflects the continuous improvement of people’s openness and aesthetics.

The attitude towards sex in the movie

The sexual display of sex in the film is more open, but it is not exposed unprecedented, but is calling on people to look at sex more openly, and at the same time to maintain proper bottom line and self -protection awareness.


In general, as a movie with relaxed humor and deep emotions, the movie "Express Brother Sells Fun Underwear" has successfully recommended sex underwear to more consumers, showing a new open atmosphere.At the same time, the film also reflects the basic literacy of workplace personnel in the new era from the side. I hope that this idea can be passed to more people like a horse killing chicken.

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