What brands do Japanese sex lingerie brands have?

What are the Japanese sex lingerie brands?

1. Felissimo

Felissimo is a fashion brand in Japan. It was established in 1965 and provided various types of fashion and daily necessities.The brand is committed to providing women with high -quality sexy underwear products, known for its innovative design and elegant style.

2. ravijour

Ravijour is a brand focusing on women’s underwear. Founded in 1999.The brand adheres to women’s health and beauty as the focus of design concepts, and provides women with various types of sexy underwear products, such as beautiful breast underwear and sexy underwear.

3. Wacoal

Wacoal is a world -renowned underwear brand, established in 1949, is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.The brand is committed to creating functional, beautiful and high -quality sexy underwear products for women, such as bra, underwear, pajamas, etc.

4. Peach John

Peach John is a brand specializing in women’s underwear and swimsuit. It was founded in 1994 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.The brand’s products are known for cuteness, sexy and comfortable, and also have a wide market in the field of sexy underwear.

5. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a popular fashion brand, founded in 1949, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.Although UNIQLO is famous for its products, sandals, pants and other products, the brand also has its own sexy underwear series, and is committed to providing comfortable, stylish and appropriate sexy underwear products for women.

6. La Perla

La Perla is a luxury underwear brand, founded in 1954, headquartered in Bologna, Italy.Although the brand’s headquarters is located in Italy, it has a wide range of sales channels in Japan and successfully introduced its own sexy underwear series to the Japanese market.

7. Triumph

Triumph is a world -renowned underwear brand. It was founded in 1886 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.Although the brand comes from Germany, it is also very popular in the Japanese market, with extensive sales channels and loyal consumer groups.

8. Eprise

EPRISE is a sub -brand owned by Triumph, which provides high -end underwear products.The brand’s products are known for high -quality, luxurious and sexy, and their sexy underwear series is also very popular.

9. Sloggi

Sloggi is another sub -brand owned by Triumph, which offers sandals, swimwear, underwear and other products.Its sexy underwear products are also loved by women and are known for their relaxation, fashion and comfort.

10. cosabella

Cosabella is a brand from the United States. It was founded in 1983 and provided high -quality underwear and pajamas products.Although the brand comes from the United States, it also has a high reputation and sales volume in Japan.


In Japan’s sexy underwear market, there are many excellent brands. These brands not only pay attention to the quality and design of the product, but also to meet the needs and requirements of different women.Therefore, whether you want a sexy, beautiful sexy underwear or a comfortable and healthy underwear, you can find your favorite brand and products in the Japanese sexy underwear market.

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