Does he buy fun underwear confidential?

Is he buying fun underwear confidential?

When buying sexy underwear, many people will worry about the confidentiality of the product packaging and the courier.So, is he buying interesting underwear confidentially?Below, I will introduce it in detail.

His fun platform itself confidential

He is a well -known domestic sexual product platform, and he attaches great importance to the privacy protection of users.Buying sexy underwear in the platform can not only ensure the quality of the product, but also more importantly, the platform will strictly keep confidentiality measures on customers’ purchase records.All order information will be stored offline to ensure that private information is not leaked.


He also attaches great importance to the packaging of orders. In order to protect the privacy of customers, the relevant information of the goods will not be marked on the outer packaging when delivery.And casual.

Courier confidentiality

In terms of express delivery, he uses a third -party courier company. When the courier sent the product to the consignee, he only told the recipient’s name and phone number, and the other information was kept secret.

Confidential packaging option

In addition to ordinary packaging, he also provides confidential packaging options.When placing an order, users can choose the corresponding confidential packaging according to their needs. The outer packaging of the product will not be marked with the words of sexy underwear, which reduces embarrassment and unnecessary trouble.In addition, the confidential packaging also contains small and sexy gifts, making users’ shopping experience smoother and interesting.

Website security

During the shopping process, safety is also a question that consumers are very concerned about.He used advanced encrypted technology to protect user data to prevent hackers from leakage and personal information leakage.


Walking on the road of a website, user reputation is another important factor.He has been committed to providing customers with high -quality goods and high -quality services.After buying sexy underwear, many users have also given good evaluations on the website, showing the recognition of his interesting secrets and service quality, and won many loyal users for his fun.

Commodity quality and type

In the field of sexy underwear, his fun platform provides rich product types and quality. Whether it is adult erotic underwear, beauty sex lingerie, or European and American sex underwear, they can be found on his fun platform.Consumers can choose according to their preferences and needs, and have more rights to choose.

Customer service inquire

When buying sexy underwear online, if you encounter shopping questions, consumers can also communicate with his fun customer service staff. When asking for confidentiality, customer service staff will provide detailed answers.Consumers can consult through online customer service or call customer service to enjoy professional pre -sales and after -sales services.

Will he leak the consumer password?

His fun platform will be encrypted according to the requirements to avoid malicious stealing.In the case of a certain standard for consumer accounts and password holdings, it will not leak.


After the above introduction, we can see that he has done very well in protecting the privacy of users. From the aspects of order record protection, packaging confidentiality, courier confidentiality, website security, etc., it provides consumers with more complete servicesThe user’s privacy has been effectively protected and the confidence of customer shopping has been enhanced.From a variety of perspectives, he is very confidential to buy interesting underwear.

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